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Construction of a new bridge to replace Hertford's historic S-Bridge isn't expected until 2018.

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Construction of a new bridge to replace Hertford's historic S-Bridge isn't expected until 2018.

DOT answers bridge questions

By Peter Williams

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — State transportation officials earlier this week appeared to answer some of the questions raised by opponents of a plan to replace the S-Bridge in Hertford with a fixed span. That’s not to say all opponents were satisfied with what they heard.

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Real estate values artificially inflated

Real estate is worth only what one is willing to give. I find it hard to believe there are properties in the Punch Alley area worth $12.5 mil. I'm sure those property owners aren't paying property taxes based on that amount. It sounds more like property values are being hugely inflated by those opposed to any change/construction not to their liking proposed by NCDOT. Just remember this. A "mother of all storms" could come thru at any time and the historic district, as well as the rest of the town, could be leveled in hours. What would this destroyed property be worth then? So, enjoy what you have, sacrifice a little, and let the wheels of progress turn free.

Just take

the bridge out. The Mod-D proposal will cripple the Historic District, damage houses, and reduce property values. As a former downtown merchant, I understand the "wish" for downtown traffic. But this alternative will not be a boon to the downtown. Indeed, it will make Hertford LESS desirable as a "Scenic Byway" as we are presently so designated.

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