State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, speaks to the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors, Tuesday, as Currituck County Economic Development Director Peter Bishop (left) Elizabeth City City Manager Rich Olson listen.

William F. West/The Daily Advance

State Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, speaks to the Albemarle Area Association of Realtors, Tuesday, as Currituck County Economic Development Director Peter Bishop (left) Elizabeth City City Manager Rich Olson listen.

Dunkin’ Donuts eyes EC store

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Dunkin’ Donuts has filed documents with the city of Elizabeth City to build a store on Ehringhaus Street, City Manager Rich Olson said Tuesday.

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dollar general

The Dollar General on Weeksville Road is NOT a friendly store !! They follow you around the store like you are a criminal, accuse you of stealing when you haven't done anything but walk in the store. The workers talk about you to other customers and don't even care if you hear them or not. I live over near it and put up with that crap every time I go in that store. My son has been accused of stealing more than once, and been searched like he was a common thief. I would much rather go all the way to Roses, one of the other Dollar General or Wally World to do my shopping than to shop in that store.

Donut Site

The only trouble at that site is that it flood badly with a good rain -- Why is the site next to McD not use if it was one time a planned site for a other business -- MCD just use it for parking site while it up for sale - We have alot of site that they can use like S&R site across from TWC


Mr Olson, please keep up the good work. Ever new business helps the tax base and brings more jobs to area. Thanks for your good work.

Two Words

Krispy Kreme

Hey, Olson!

Consider this. The EC area is as tired of YOU as you are tired of "Dollar" stores!!!! These dollar stores, especially Dollar General, offer quality, affordable merchandise, quick checkout, and FRIENDLY service. Additionally, when checking out at "the dollar marts", customers don't have to listen to cashiers bad-mouthing their employers like one does @ Wally World and Food Lion. Bottom line Olson, if you don't like "Dollar" stores, then don't shop them, but don't condemn them for providing valued alternative and affordable merchandise to those of limited means and tight budgets! Remember, not everyone is making a six figure salary like you and your snooty social groupies!

I was there and, in defense

I was there and, in defense of Olson, quite sure it was representative Steinberg who made the comment about the Dollar Stores. The Dollar stores provide a great service to our community regardless of economic class but I think the point was more toward offering selection and not letting our dollars spent go to some other community.

Dollar Stores

Those Dollar Stores do a tremendous business, providing the basic needs most of our population can barely afford. It is questionable if any of the stores discussed above will ever come here, based on average income levels.

It's about time!

Approximately 5 years ago, there was an article explaining that 5 Dunkin Donuts stores were planned for the northeast North Carolina region, with the last being located here in Elizabeth City; then the economy tanked, and two went in in the Outer Banks and we got a counter in a gas station. Now that Grandy has its own Dunkin Donuts, it is about time Elizabeth City got one, too!

One may be tired of the

One may be tired of the dollar stores but they are convenient and they have come as promised. They carry a wide variety of items that one can pick up quickly. All of this other businesses just seem to talk. I'm not sure if they never open because of their own issues or if it is the cities fault.The city has to at some point realize many people are spending their dollars in Virginia rather than here because we have no choices! Our only choice is Walmart with 2 registers open or the so-called dollar stores.I truly hope for these businesses as it will help the city tremendously...but don't just talk ...make it happen!

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