ECSU begins changes to aviation program

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City State University has begun implementing changes to its aviation science program following a review by the University of North Carolina that found, among other issues, significant obstacles to graduating program majors within four years.

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ECSU Needs A Complete Change

I think it's time to completely change the course of Elizabeth City State University. They have had chance after chance to fix numerous issues through the past several years. Money has gone in to building brand new state-of-art buildings, programs, enormous salaries, etc. And where are the students?? Enrollment is down drastically. It is time for the UNC System to come in and take over operations. While their at it, go ahead and start new. How about changing the name now to the University of North Carolina at Elizabeth City?

UNC needs to take over ECSU

The UNC System needs to take over ECSU and run the university in a correct and positive way. It seems that UNC has to step in every year and correct the mistakes that the ECSU Management has made. It could be a great institution if run the right way.

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