ECSU to lay off 34 employees

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Facing yet another multi-million budget shortfall next year, Elizabeth City State University will lay off another 34 employees as part of a “rightsizing plan,” the university announced Tuesday.

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You've got to have the right people for the job....

Becton said enrollment growth continues to be the university’s “best hope” for avoiding future budget shortfalls. ECSU plans to achieve growth “through continuous recruiting efforts,” he said, that target both traditional and nontraditional students, transfer students from community colleges, U.S. Coast Guard personnel and military veterans.

The current models and personnel are not achieving the desired results in recruitment. Please do not throw money after these white elephants who are no longer relevant in their recruiting efforts, knowledge of students & marketing the university to its best advantage. It is painful as an alum to see the "chosen ones" of recruitment not have their productivity tied to measurable goals. ECSU would not be in the sad state if this were not the case. For profit universities have recruitment goals (as do sales organizations) that must be met or you are out of a job.

It does not make sense to have a full time ECSU employee sitting around at COA and other public forums propagating a negative image of ECSU with lack of productivity, relevant knowledge of current academics and university life.


The mighty kingdom continues to crumble! Sadly, those most affected economically are the working class.

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