ECSU may fall short of enrollment goal

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City State University is currently 433 students short of its recruiting goal for the fall semester, and is on pace to miss the target by about 150 students, university officials said.

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Blame Game, Blame Game, Blame Game...

Seems that everyone who has responded seems to want to point fingers at one or two individuals involved in the process of Decision Making and Recruiting Students. You have got to be kidding me. How naive of anyone of you to think that the potential demise of ECSU clearly falls on one or two individuals when processes are documented and are in place that the lowest level of employees all the way up to the Chancellor must follow to the letter, not to even mention the inclusion of auditing and balancing the budget that must take place each year. We were not too long ago re-accreditted by SACS who perform inspections/auditing and report their findings for approval and continuance. Get real people. I say this to say, your focus should be waaaaaaay beyond one or two individuals.

As a matter of fact and in my most humble opinion, if you want to point the finger at someone or some organization for that matter, the entire state legislature have themselves to blame if ECSU does not meet their enrollment this fall. Their lack of forward thinking, once again, in my opinion, has tremendously HURT this Universities appeal due to publicly announcing it's disolution considerations. Our children, whether within this 21-22 county region or not wants to be educated by the best bar none. Our children want and need money to fund their college educations. Thus, they are going to go to college where they think the abundance of money is available. Sure, ECSU has been under much, much scrutiny during the last couple of years but to blame one or two people for it does not solve the issue that we are facing regarding STUDENT RECRUITMENT, FUND RAISING (Individual/Corporate), and LEADERSHIP DECISION MAKING (ECSU Executives/UNC Officials/General Assembly).

Now, I personally feel that their are folks, in and around ECSU and beyond who thinks that their stake is NOT AFFECTED by the non-education of underserved, underpriviledged students, down to the neglected region of Northeastern NC as a whole, but I beg to differ. Educating our youth really is a two-way street. Just as an example, an educated child is most likely to "take care of his own" and won't ever need Government Assistance for the rest of their lives; thus freeing and clearing your "so-called" tax dollars. I mean, just think about it for a minute. Just as in the movie; "Jerry Mcguire" which captioned the phrase; "Help me help you..." How many of you ever asked ECSU, an ECSU Student, Faculty & Staff Member, an Adminstrator, Alumnus, or any other HBCU stakeholder for that matter, that very question?


You sound like a guilty conscious bemoaning your anticipated demise.

I blame all of this on the

I blame all of this on the former chancellor - WILLIE GILCHRIST. Now he is relaxing on his boat and taking it easy while the people at that university and others SUFFER.


I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's left

What's left of the old ECSU cartel is clinging desperately to the last vestibules of power and sanctuary they have enjoyed for many years. To the NEW leadership of this school I say, Rout them out and send them on their way and salvage this university before it's too late!

Sad but true...

And still ECSU has recruiters and admissions directors with salaries of $68,000 of our tax dollars who have a work schedule with no set hours, no office on campus and no accountability. It is now a proven quantitative fact that past recruitment efforts resulting in declining enrollment have not been successful given the "players" in those positions.

Wake up, Dr. Brown! Wishing you every success but first you need to prune the dead wood from your dept. Ever talked to the people at COA about the sheer lunacy of driving a state car to Manteo every "supposed" Tuesday to recruit students? This is just wasting taxpayer dollars that could be better spent elsewhere to "supposedly" sit down there one day a week. Periodic visits and scheduled appts more effective to recruit when there are potential recruits. Otherwise look elsewhere for potential students and above all, be accountable to taxpayers and the university.

19 graduate students recruited this year. This proves the point. Look at who is doing the recruiting and where his/her time is spent. You can only recruit a limited number of graduate students if your time is spent on the golf course.

Recruitment efforts should be supported by results. Otherwise you have the wrong people in those jobs to reach and communicate with potential students. Lazy car salespeople or realtors don't last long; they depend on proven sales goals to survive. So should state employees that recruit - meet goals or get out.

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