ECSU promotes auditor with no auditing experience

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City State University has promoted an employee to head up the university’s internal audit department even though she apparently has no previous experience as an auditor.

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Questions and answers

Was this job advertised Why put someone in job who is not qualified I got the answer. Same old stuff. Putting people in because someone knew them, experience doesn't count at ECSU. It's time to clean house from the top to bottom and start with a new group of people. You will never get anywhere until we get a new start. Good time to change to UNC Elizabeth City

Sharnita Parker can certainly

Sharnita Parker can certainly get the job done. She is a dedicated employer who knows her job and does it effectively. It was not necessary for this article to be in the newspaper displaying her salary. CONGRATULATONS SHARNITA, FOR A JOB WELL DONE.


This article raises more questions than it answers. This is just another hatchet job on the University until the following questions, and more, are answered.

Audit what, exactly?

Is "Sharnita L. Wilson-Parker, formerly Director of Budgets," now auditing her previous work? I assume from the pay raise, and the personnel move, that the two jobs are related, but I could be wrong. If yes, why is this appropriate?

The question of experience is answered, but the question of completed training is not. Did Ms. Wilson-Parker complete the entire prescribed course of training before the promotion, or is she close? We don't know how long this has been in the works.

Will the University backfill Ms. Wilson-Parker's position or leave it empty? This kind of makes sense from a personnel cost savings standpoint if the old position isn't filled, but the title implies need. We know that the Auditor's position can be done by one person, and the old position was done by one person, but where does the old position's work go? Did Ms. Wilson-Parker get a "promotion" for keeping the old (now reduced) work and taking on the additional responsibility? A pay raise is appropriate in this scenario.

The reasons for Ms. Jackson's termination are left unexplained. Was she competent? Was there wrong-doing? This information is not likely to come-out since it's confidential, I believe. Also, since the University is an "at-will" employer, the University, and every other NC employer doesn't need a reason to terminate.

The reasons for not promoting Ms. Jackson are also not provided. Was Ms. Jackson simply not qualified for the higher level? Was Ms. Jackson qualified for the higher level position and not chosen because Ms. Wilson-Parker was MORE qualified? Is there educational attainment, or professional certification (CPA) needed that Ms. Jackson does not have?

So, on it's surface this looks pretty bad, but let's withhold judgment until the paper follows up with more info.

This article also fits the local repugnican narrative of the University. I urge you to try supporting the University for a change instead of just piling on. This town and this region need ECSU, and by all accounts, they are working hard to do better. Help them, please.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

So Farce,

are you saying the Daily Advance got it wrong or just did not provide adequate information? I couldn't agree more that it would be nice the local community began to support ECSU, but I guarantee you that won't happen by either Republicans or Democrats until ECSU gets their act together. The ball is in the Viking's court.

Nope and yup.

Daily Advance got the basic facts right - Ms. Wilson-Parker has never audited and she gains a pay increase. The problem I have with this story is that it's presented as a negative when it could just as easily be a positive, if all of the information is presented. This is also presented as a stand-alone event, rather than within the context of position reduction and consolidaton that I'm pretty sure is happening there now. In other words, it is equally possible that this is a good and, yes, appropriate thing in the larger context that is missing from the story. I fear that the Advance will let this story stand as is and won't follow up with the details. Could also be that they can't because of confidentiality rules for personnel actions.

Also, employer's don't normally announce internal position changes, and ECSU didn't announce this one, so was this a poisoned pen delivered to the paper by an angry former employee? What's the source? This crab has been in the back of the fridge just a bit too long. When employers reduce staff, people lose their jobs; a natural outcome of reduced student enrollment. The result is not pleasant if you're the one left standing when the music stops.

In the meantime, the tone, and lack of context, delivers what is most likely an unearned black eye for the school. Something they don't need at the moment. What they do need is support for improvement, so where are those stories, the ones that highlight the good things they've done? The hard things that I'm pretty sure they are doing because they have to just to survive. I replied because too many of our writers simply knee-jerk their responses when it comes to the school because of long-standing unhappiness. Freethinker's very much cleaned up comment is an example. Our Mr. Gilbert's very public attitude is another.

No, I don't blindly support the school. They have had problems in the past that I think they are working to correct, so give them a chance and I think that we should help them where we can. They are our neighbors, after all, and a large part of the identity of our city. Oh, I lived in a small town in New England, Bradford, MA, for a bit that included an empty Bradford College campus. Driving past or through the empty in-town campus was very bad for the town as a whole. Imagine that here. Now imagine a campus of 35,000 students here, like UNC State, and what THAT would mean to us all.

This entire thing might just be ECSU "getting their act together," however painful.

Respectfully Submitted,

Force 12

I guess you don't have to be an auditor

to hold a position and be paid for acting like an auditor.

well written.

Short and to the point.

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