ECSU supports charter school

By Corinne Saunders

Staff Writer

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A divided Elizabeth City State University Board of Trustees voted this week to support in concept a controversial STEM charter school that if approved and funded would be located on the ECSU campus.

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Ms. _________, you know little about NCAE!

Ms. _______, alias, fairnessinmedia, what do you really know about NCAE and our fear of losing our power base? What is our power base, Ms. ____________? Many of us know who you really are and that you write behind your pseudonym. Fairness, really? You know very little about NCAE and our history of standing up for children, public school employees and public education.


INTERESTING! The Carnegie Corporation of New York is providing $350,000 to NC New Schools to continue its work with the innovative school and for the development of a new regional aviation-focused STEM charter school planned for Elizabeth City. Do your RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ECSU does not need a for profit charter school.

Just trying to stay in business

At this point ECSU will support anything that brings them some funding. They need every dollar they can get just to keep their school open.


It seems to me we had a chance to bite this apple once and didnt, this school has left the station and is operating in Currituck.

It seems nothing can be trusted.

I was just sure STEM was needed. Now, I am not so sure. The truth is an elusive catch.

Brilliant Idea

Placing a STEM school on the ECSU campus is a stroke of brilliance. I commend all those involved in bringing together so many community needs into one possible outstanding solution. I truly hope and pray this idea survives and flourishes with the end result that our future here in our City is brighter due to an educational spark given to the next generation. Businesses, ECSU, our divergent community, all benefit from this proposal.

Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College High School

"The school is one of a unique, innovative and collaborative small schools partnership between North Carolina Central University and Durham Public Schools." (NOT A CHARTER SCHOOL nor a Charter STEM SCHOOL) "The high school serves students in grades 9-12th and is cost-free while enrolled in high school." "The Mission The mission of the Josephine Dobbs Clement Early College High School (JDC-ECHS) is to expand learning opportunities for students, to offer a rigorous curriculum that includes college courses leading to two years of college credit, and to provide in-depth support for the students in rigorous academic classes. Ideally, the high school and its academic program continues to make a significant difference with preparing high school students to either continue their college education or to complete high school and become better prepared citizens for the “real” world of work."

It is an alternative public funded

high school located on a state university campus that works very, very well. It is amusing to see Rivers and the NAACP complain that funding will be lost. No, that is a total lie. Funding will not be lost. The public fuding per student follows the student to his or her new PUBLIC school.The truth is what is lost, is CONTROL by the failed administration of the existing public schools in Pasquotank. The white elephant in the room few tolerate telling the truth about. The NAACP and education lobby/union NCAE fear losing their own power base-superintendents administrative control and school boards who insist that doing the same failed things will SOMEDAY bring better results. Go Mayor Peel, as a former life-long educator, you know the truth of our challenges here and present alternatives to bring better results and opportunity for our young people. Naysayers be damned.

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