ECSU’s top academic officer retiring, replaced by Brown

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Elizabeth City State University’s top academic officer is stepping down after five years in the position.

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brown is politically tied to Gilchrist

as special assistant to Gilchrist, she was politically appointed with no vetting. She was considered a confidant and insider. she operated in that position as a McCarthyist, harassing any and all political rivals and top performers with credential investigations, without any real evidence. she has never and has not at this time faced real scrutiny for her own credentials. Post your resume', flora, and lets all have a good laugh!

Gee, it's really true!

Rats will not stay on a sinking ship!

I tell you Chancellor

I tell you Chancellor Gilchrist has really butchered his alma mater. I wonder how he feels. The trouble started with his sneakiness. How does he feel now leaving us in all of this trouble. You should feel ashamed and embarassed. This coming from someone that claimed to love his university. Now you sit on your boat cruising while others continue to suffer from your misgivings and lose our possessions.


Since you appear to know Flora intimately, it would be a great benefit to all if you posted facts and not malicious, borderline slanderous lies. Being a part of an administration and being the person(s) responsible are two different things. Flora was NOT removed as chair - she was promoted! I would enjoy reading the fraudulent court cases you have mentioned. ECSU has been mired in court cases, but that is because the previous administration did nothing while students, staff and faculty were victims. Flora had nothing to do with the misdeeds of others. Maybe you have confused Flora with Ali Khan.

Gilchrist's misdeeds will continue to haunt ECSU

as previous special assistant to the previous shamed chancellor, flora was part of the administration where sexual assaults were disregarded. she is steeped in the same ol' political nepotism, manipulation and reprisal. years ago she was removed as chair among multiple complaints that were validated against the university in court. it was just 12 months ago that she was removed from her positions of authority. she has consistently been a failure throughout her career, and now she has been enabled. you will bet she will sweep aside legitimate talent in her efforts to assert her power by surrounding herself with her own cronies. the sweet yet brief breeze of fresh air that chancellor becton brought, full of promise, has been swept aside by his own hand, no doubt with floras resume crediting herself for many people's hard work. god save ECSU. flora won't.

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