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The chairwoman of the Pasquotank Board of Elections defended the board’s hiring practices this week after county commissioners questioned the elections office’s lack of diversity and the hiring of a former director who had been fired from his job as a probation officer.

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I do NOT know County Commissioner Cecil Perry, and thank him for his service to our community. However, I strongly disagree with his view that a minority individual should be hired to fill the Deputy Director position on the Board of Elections. Clearly the most qualified individual should be hired. I applaud Board members Jimmy Ownley & William Skinner (who I DO know & am very thankful such a fair minded man is serving in such a critical position) for indicating the new hire must be made on merit. In any endeavor, the best people - regardless of race - produce the best results. Bill Hiemer

That is exactly why

the law requires it.

All that glitters is not gold

Having known Perry most of my adult life, I had thought that he was a rational, down-to-earth, and fair person. Therefore, I cast my vote for him when he first ran for County Commissioner. It's funny how power changes a person. It didn't take long for his true "color" to show. What a disappointment he is. What a racist he is!!!! For the good of ALL, let's hope his racist ways do not influence the incoming Ms. Parker, whom I view as an honorable and decent person.

Parker And Perry

both supported redistricting to ensure a safe Democratic seat on the Board of Commissioners and aupported the attempt to bypass the voters. What is honorable and decent about that?

This makes about as much sense as

the Elections Board coming to the Commissioners and telling them they need to do a better job writing the budget, which in fact they do. Questions about hiring the previous director should be referred to Michelle Aydlett who was the Chairman of the Elections Board at that time. Are the Commissioners implying the new Director was hired illegally? I'm getting tired of Commissioner Perry, upon the hiring of any new county employee asking, "why weren't any of my people hired"? I think that attitude is illegal if not downright racist.

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