The Family Dollar store along Weeksville Road will be closing because the location was one of more than 300 the chain said was not turning profits. The shutdown of the Weeksville Road location will take effect Aug. 31.

William F. West/The Daily Advance

The Family Dollar store along Weeksville Road will be closing because the location was one of more than 300 the chain said was not turning profits. The shutdown of the Weeksville Road location will take effect Aug. 31.

Family Dollar closing Weeksville Road store

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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After only approximately four years in business along the Weeksville Road corridor and across from Elizabeth City State University, the Family Dollar chain is pulling out, effective at the end of next month.

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Well, the dollar store

Well, the dollar store concept has become a well-known one, driven by the slowly-recovering economy. These retail outlets are on the rise.

This is a sad news for the

This is a sad news for the citizens near Weeksville Road. It has served people for many years and now it will be closing. Dollar discount stores have become more aggressive and more profitable in the post-recession economy. But if one dollar store's strategy catches on, soon you might even be filling your prescriptions there. When economic crisis strikes, there come foreclosure, recession, bankruptcy and rising unemployment rate.

Call it as it really is!

True, ECSU college kids certainly favored and frequented the store next to the campus. True, their presence impacted that store's business. False, the store's closing is not a sign of loss of confidence in ECSU. True, massive shoplifting by students and the local hoods contributed greatly to the unprofitability of that store. So yes, I guess the college kids DID have a big impact!

Isn't that what happen to the

Isn't that what happen to the S&R Market at Edgewood Shopping Center?

Right on

I'm glad someone else remembers!

Seriously. I want to know.

I anxious to hear the facts supporting your contention that "massive shoplifting by students and the local hoods contributed greatly to the unprofitability of that store". If that's true, I want to know. If it's not true, then - once again - you owe someone an apology.

Then ask for yourself

This has been going on for years, not with just this store, but others in close proximity to ECSU campus. Family Dollar just couldn't get it under control. You think them building a new, larger store on Ehringhaus St. is just an coincidence? Think again! Family Dollar was quietly and conveniently moving their away from the problem, while still maintaining a presence in EC, so this store closing by the campus was not just a knee-jerk plan. Oh, by the way, the shoplifting problem at the Food Lion just down the road got so bad a couple of years ago that anyone wearing a backpack is required to leave it at the service desk prior to shopping there, plus they beefed up their surveilliance system. Don't believe me, just go ask. The really BIG problem for EC is that everyone has tip-toed around and hushed-up all of the scandals, corruption, crime, and wrongful acts going on within and around the campus for fear of insulting all of those "entitled" working and residing there. I suggest you try getting your head out of your a** and start looking at what's REALLY going on around here in EC. Just because you don't see it in the local newspaper doesn't mean that it's not happening. All they're going to print is what THEY want YOU to know about and what gets spoon fed to them by ECSU, City Mangers office, ECPD, & PCSD. As for owing anyone an apology, apparently you've mistaken me for someone that really gives a fat rat's butt. As Rhett Butler said in Gone with the Wind, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".

Thank you for your reply.

Your response is very revealing. I feel I know you better now.

Thanks for your view.

I and others understand and must accept your unwillingness to apologize for your regularly insulting comments. That's just who you are. All the best.

I hate to ask, but -

- is there a chance we could get an apology from your mama?

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