First Wright plea offer stiffer

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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A Pasquotank County man who was sentenced last week to one life prison term plus 17 years for the brutal murders of his grandparents originally was facing two consecutive life terms under the first plea agreement prosecutors offered.

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How refreshing.

How refreshing it is to finally see the DA's office prosecuting cases under Andrew Womble's leadership even though some might think a life sentence plus 17 years is not sufficient. If Nancy Lamb is such a crackerjack prosecutor, what has she been doing for the past 3 and 1/2 years on this case? It's interesting to note that the attorneys in the First Judicial District(72% of whom are Democrat) prefer Womble, a Republican, over Lamb as the DA. That speaks volumes. Nancy Lamb should have retired long ago.


just Wow! Took me a while to find it, but Mr. Lehmann posted this about Ms. Lamb some months ago: "I think it was a smart appointment. Nancy Lamb is a thoroughly experienced prosecutor. I was once the foreman of a jury trial she prosecuted where the defendant was sentenced to 57 years. Her closing argument had the jury and the entire courtroom in tears. I wouldn't hazard a guess as to who the Governor will appoint to fill the remainder of the term, but in the short term, I fully support his appointment of Nancy Lamb. By the way, I've been a registered Republican my entire adult life." So what changed?


Wow, just Wow! What is so difficult to understand Melanie? Nancy Lamb did a great job on a case I happened to serve on as a member of the jury. That was about 7 years ago. I stand by what I said about her being appointed as an interim(I repeat interim) DA. I felt with her experience she was the logical choice to fill in until the permanent choice was made. That was before I learned what her peers think of her and that they prefer Andrew Womble as the permanent DA, even though they may be of another political party. I stand by what I posted earlier today. So instead of being wowed, I recommend you ask Ms. Lamb what might have changed.

Oh, I see

You twist with the wind. You thought she was a great prosecutor until you heard what someone else had to say, despite your first-hand experience. Good for you.

Or maybe you do what you accuse and twist

with the wind. You supported Mayor Peele's STEM school and then, based on a letter writer's incorrect characterization of the Mayor's effort as supporting a private school, you stated you would "reconsider" your support. I guess you can "learn" new information and change your position but Mr. Lehmann can't make a case why an interim appointment was a good choice but not a good permanent choice. WOW, just WOW Ms. James!!!!!!

Thanks for the encouragement Melanie.

Once again I will say I place tremendous importance on the opinion of one's peers. They, and only they really know what goes on in one's profession. They know what a fellow professional has, or has not done in the past which is a great indicator of how that individual will perform in the future. As a lay person I know little about the law. That's why I place my trust in the experienced attorneys of the First Judicial District. Maybe you might understand it this way. Let's say I was a passenger on a flight which went very smoothly and the pilot made a nice landing. Does this make him a great pilot? He or she might be, or maybe they just got lucky. If I were making a decision on who my wife and kids should fly with, I'd want the opinion of other pilots who flew with this pilot on a regular basis. I'm more concerned about how they handle stress, how do they handle emergency situations, how is their judgement, how thorough is their preparation and planning, how safe are they? Their peers know the answer to those questions. Those sitting in the back of the airplane don't. Get it? I'll say it one last time. I think Gov. McCrory's interim appointment of Nancy Lamb as DA was a smart one because of continuity and her experience. Long term, I will go with valued opinion of her peers in supporting Andrew Womble. You may call that twisting in the wind, or whatever you like, I really don't care.

Daily Advance already

Daily Advance already politicking for Nancy Lamb? Under the circumstances it's perfectly understandable that their might be a little tension between Ms. Lamb and DA Womble. Here she is openly criticizing a plea agreement reached between Mr. Womble's office and a defendant. I'm sure Ms. Lamb (and the Daily Advance) will offer more criticism of Mr. Womble between now and November.

The DA's office will probably be one of

the most covered governmental departments between now and Nov. I hate to say it but I believe The Daily Advance will definitely be in campaign mode. sparatus, do you know if the staff of the DA's office is serving at will? If it is, there is zero news in the request of her regardless of when the request was made. It is kinda funny but, you can go in a restaurant and over hear conversations between political hopefuls. They never even know you are there.

Apparently, ADAs

are employees at will. That doesn't mean that removing a career prosecutor does not have ethical implications.

except....the first plea deal was still in the hold Basket

Pellini got the same results, yet cleared a case. Would you believe it took the prior DA's office 11 years to get a vicious loose dog complaint to court? By the time the complainant got the summons to court they had moved to another county and couldn't even remember why they were being summoned to court. ???I am assuming until Wright was sentenced the taxpayers of Pasquotank were responsible for room and board but I will also assume that upon sentencing the taxpayers of NC became responsible. - If that is the case it is certainly feasible to move to an acceptable conclusion in a reasonable amount of time. I would agree that Womble may need to step up his campaign financing since he has to fight free media coverage given to his possible opponent. Remember there is another candidate for DA in the Democratic primary.

Is this true?

"Not long after Womble’s swearing-in, Lamb was removed not just from the Wright case, but the rest of her prosecutorial duties as well. Lamb, who has been with the prosecutor’s office 30 years and is scheduled for retirement at the end of this month, claims Womble told her she needed to go ahead and retire early. Since then, her duties have been confined to attending prosecutor conferences." Did Womble remove Ms. Lamb from duties and instruct her to retire early? If so, wow, just wow . . . .

This wouldn't be unusual.

This wouldn't be unusual. I've heard of Sheriffs letting deputies go when they became aware that the deputy was going to run against them. This situation is similar. If Ms. Lamb is running for DA it would be awkward for her to remain on the DA's staff. Would she be in a position to undermine Womble, or cause him problems. Would she be a loyal employee? Heck, this article shows she's not adverse to being publicly critical of her boss. I'm sure we'll hear more from Ms. Lamb and the DA between now and November.

I would like

I would like to see the timing of things. Did Womble remove her from prosecutorial duties before or after she filed to run?


double post.

Womble just politik'n

Womble changed the plea bargain just to be changing it. As Nancy said, "there was nothing wrong with the first plea bargain". Womble is just doing his version of politik'n. After all, he is only filling an unexpired term and was appointed just because of his political affiliation. Thanks goodness Nancy is running for this office. Her experience and abilities, without question, make her the most qualified person for this office. Then things can get done correctly with her properly seated at the helm as District Attorney for our area. She has surely got my vote!


Agreed freespeaker, got to wonder if Womble is politik'n by giving his lawyer friend everything he asked for in this case. Womble's comments in the article makes it sound like he is the killer's lawyer. Sounds like we've got a fox guarding the hen house.


It was Womble's prerogative to change the plea agreement. What I don't get is removing a career prosecutor from all prosecutorial duties.

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