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Former program chief paid $154K as visiting prof

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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The director of Elizabeth City State University’s aviation science program was relieved of his duties last fall, but university records show he remains the fourth-highest-paid employee at ECSU, behind the interim chancellor, provost and vice chancellor for business and finance.

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The risk factor is bogus.

From someone who has spent 29 years of my adult professional life flying airplanes both as a Coast Guard and commercial aviator, which included duties as a full time flight instructor, line pilot and check airman, I can tell you that attempting to explain the salary of Dr. Sharp due to the risk involved in flight instructing is totally bogus. Not once during my aviation career did my life insurance premiums go up due to risk, and I might add much of my flying in the CG was accomplished on dark and stormy nights, unlike a controlled situation of taking a student out for a lesson. I'm sure if you checked with Dave Bush or Mark Honeycutt they would confirm this. I know that insurance increases with flight in combat and probably crop dusting, but not with normal military or civilian flying including flight instruction.

"Two flight instructors who

"Two flight instructors who work out of the Elizabeth City Regional Airport said they charge $30 an hour for flight instruction - a typical rate for this area." The key question is not price, but consistency with accreditation standards. If I wanted to learn how to fly a plane, I would have no problem going down Weeksville Rd to the local airport to get quality flight instruction. Of course, first I would need a plane, which is not likely going to happen anytime soon, especially since I bombed in Warren Buffett's the NCAA Basketball Tournament Challenge. But personal opinion is meaningless when it comes to accreditation. A university degree program is NOT flight instruction. A degree program involves much, much more. What counts above all is what SACS says, because SACS accredits all regional institutions. If I recall correctly, I think SACS mandates in standard 3.7.1 that at least 25% of a degree program's hours be taught by faculty with the terminal degree, which almost always is an earned doctorate. I don't think any other full-time professor (other than Dr. Sharp) who has taught there in recent years has an earned doctorate. I could be wrong here. Aviation is not my thing (I don't even have a frequently flier card any longer) If SACS allows ECSU to hire local instructors to teach instruction in a degree program, thereby saving the university and taxpayers a lot of money, then that would be great for all of us (including students) If SACS allows it, I hope that happens. All the best.


Ms. Saunders - Great job digging out this story & exposing this ridiculous situation. You and TDA have done good work revealing serious shortcomings in the Aviation Science Program. Thank-you! Also thankful for the work of Interim Chancellor Becton, who has inherited many serious problems at ECSU. He seems up to the task, and I wish him continued success as he makes some very difficult, but necessary decisions. Bill Hiemer

But wait...ECSU missed a few

Absolutely outrageous! But I see the $68,000 staffer who works entirely "off campus" and has been shifted around within the university structure now has a job title that looks phony attached to an yet another ECSU dept not aligned to that staffer's stated job function. Some of those whose jobs were eliminated furthermore did not gloat all over campus that they were untouchable due to their minority status or their self-importance, such as this one. Everyone who is doing their job at ECSU and abiding by NC state workplace law needs to be vocal and vigilant to those who are criminal and bringing the university down in ruination. Still wondering why Dr. Ali Khan hides this wolf in his henhouse.

There is NO Excuse

There is no excuse for this. It is outrageous.

DEMOCRATS at work. That's

DEMOCRATS at work. That's your excuse. They waste so much money. Your party I think.

Proof positive

This revealing bit of truth is proof positive of the long standing "good old boys" network of ECSU cartel now being dismantled. Hopefully, now that ECSU has to abide by and is held accountable to North Carolina Universities System rules, positive changes for the good of the students will happen.

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