Former teacher pleads to sex charge

By William F. West

Staff Writer

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A former Northeastern High School art teacher accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a student has been sentenced to a year of probation after pleading no contest to a felony charge of engaging in a crime against nature.

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If it were a male teacher, he would be in prison now

If the roles were reversed and the victim was a female and the teacher was a male, the male teacher would be in prison today. Funny how the system works when the victim is of a certain gender or race.

Absolutely agree

Not even a slap on wrist for female predator. TDA never reported outcomes for some of the other recent female teacher cases but they were the same - probation, no active sentence, felony record and no teaching license in NC forever. The females continue to circulate freely in our community with no shame and have daily opportunities to come in contact with adolescent/teen males at local recreational public facilities. Unsupervised probation?? What's up with that one... While the ladies live happily ever after, fit and trim, working out daily and enjoying public assistance. Any man would be doing some active jail time and their lives destroyed. As a parent of a son, I expect all teachers regardless of gender, race, orientation or anything else to act professionally and exhibit decency for any age child. Keep your professional and social lives separate at all costs.

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