Scooter drivers like Gillie Brickhouse, shown here while recently driving in downtown Elizabeth City, could face stricter regulations proposed by North Carolina lawmakers. A House version of a bill calls for scooter drivers to have a license and registration. A Senate committee wants scooter drivers to have to carry liability insurance.

William F. West/The Daily Advance

Scooter drivers like Gillie Brickhouse, shown here while recently driving in downtown Elizabeth City, could face stricter regulations proposed by North Carolina lawmakers. A House version of a bill calls for scooter drivers to have a license and registration. A Senate committee wants scooter drivers to have to carry liability insurance.

Free ride may end for scooters

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Gillie Brickhouse doesn’t think he should have to register his scooter with the state of North Carolina. Nor does he believe he should have to buy liability insurance for his scooter, like he would for a car.

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According to my view

According to my view insurance is a mandatory thing for all the vehicle rider. it does not matter you are riding a two wheeler or three wheeler. We can not say about any accidents because accidents are uncertain. all riders must adopt some preventive tips to keep them safe and insurance is a very major factor of precaution. Care of vehicles also very necessary for the users. Porsche Mechanic Irving

Scooter is Best

There are many drivers of scooters in a city. Driving a scooter is as easy as compare to a car. In this article Gillie Brickhouse says that driving a scooter is better that a car. Because the chance on accident is very low as compare to a car. More people prefer scooter as it's easy to ride, comfortable & the most important thing it requires less maintenance. So those who want more comfort, style, status etc, then they can go for a car. The car requires service in time. Mercedes Repair Yorba Linda


Some of the guys driving those scooters are probably drug dealers too and the baby daddies, they have two brains: one is in their head and the "other brain" is between their legs. Now on main topic: that law for scooters means you might have to pay for a License, Insurance/Liability Insurance, License Plate, Registration, Inspection, and Pay Property Taxes on it to the County like you do with your car, truck, van, etc. It can be very expensive, it could take some of the scooter riders off the road.

DUI bikes!

Funny that the paper relies on the opinion of the scooter sales representative as being the deciding factor when, if legislation is passed against their use, would affect their bottom,dollar! These "DUI" bikes as they are known, are a menace to traffic, they should be regulated just as any other motorized conveyance. Sorry, but your desire to be foot loose and fancy free while daring through traffic "and causing traffic issues" should be regulated. As far as Jay Cuthrell's response of "any additional cost is going to be a problem", what about ME? If I were to have an accidental occurrence with one of these law abiding citizens, no matter who was right or wrong in a court of law, who do you think will get SUED? The moron on the DUI bike or the one required to have insurance to be able to traverse our public thoroughfares?

Ditch the scooter-motorized bikes are the new thing

If you place any type of restriction on scooters then the people utilizing them for transportation will just move on to another form of transportation. This has already happened elsewhere. The new "fad" is motorized bicycles (think of a weed eater engine on a bike). There are no restrictions on riding bikes on a street (other than wearing a helmet). I am surprised that this fad has not already made it to EC. You take a regular bike and for less than $300 can outfit it with a gas (or electric) powered motor and in some cases they can go just as fast as a moped.

That is a scooter.

That is a scooter, a motorized bike, it is just over the past thirty-fourty years the industry has gotten away from the self pedal option. Example: Moped = motor + pedal. Electric motor has only become a real option since batteries have been improved.

You are right

Motorized bikes were the thing before scooters too. In some states they are also governed. They are restricted from any road above 25 mikes per hour. That would limit where they ride drastically. Half these guys are baby daddies that lost a license to DUI and can't afford a car because they live off the baby mama's welfare checks. Oh man, I got to pay for tags and insurance mama, we got to have us a couple more kids to get a raise.

I agree with the general

I agree with the general theme of most of these comments. When I was younger I owned a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. When I was older I owned my own truck hauling boats, modular buildings and Mobil homes all over the country, in Canada and in Mexico. Having ridden my motorcycle and driven my truck through most of our states I also observed many of the states have posted minimum speed limits on their major highways; usually a minimum speed of 45 mph. If we would adopt a minimum speed limit on our major highways I believe, if the law were enforced, it might keep the two-wheeled 'weed-blowers' from invading our major highways at least. I also believe that, call them what you wish, they are gasoline/electric powered vehicles and they should be governed as such.

DWI drivers or dead beats on the scooters

They are on a scooter for a reason, either they lost their driving privalege or they are too lazy to get a job so they scoot around hanging with their home boys. You also need to add the law that if you see a persons underwear they should be arrested for exposing themselves. Thug city baby!

About time

If they want to share the road, share the cost. Taxes pay for the road they think they have the right to share. The free ride needs to end. As in other ares they want a free ride at the expense of taxpayers. Mayor Olson is right and I applaud him saying laws need to be enacted to make riders and owners more responsible. Free speaker, as usual you are right on. And cannon, you said it well too. I say you got to "pay to play". If you want to use our roads, pay for that right. And let me correct the vocabulary is NOT a right. It IS a privilege. And for the sheeple that defended them because they line his disgust me. You dance with the devil for personal gain. I hope it is not your family they may cause injury to. For the love of money!

I agree they should insured

I agree they should insured like cars. Most are in the way impeding traffic flow and causing havoc. If one can ride these on the road why not go-carts or 4 wheelers. As far as being for low income people's transpotation... a lot are DWI cases that have no other transportation....why should they be given this privilege? The sad part is the cops see them in the way, riding double, going fast and young kids driving them and do nothing...if we see it they must! Mr Cuthrell is going to defend them because they fatten his pocket.Why shouldn't they pay taxes to the gov? I have to on a trailer I take trash in! GET THEM OFF THE ROADS AND OUT OF THE WAY OR ENFORCE THE LAWS AND MAKE THEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR PROBLEMS THEY CREATE!

They should have to carry

They should have to carry some kind of insurance that I agree with. But having to register at DMV I dont' know about all that.

Amen to freespeakers comment

Amen to freespeakers comment !!!!

Scooters are motor vehicles too

Scooter or moped, call it what you like, it's still a motorized vehicle and should be registered, licensed, and insured just like any other motor vehicle using the streets, roads, and highways. They also should be subject to the same motor vehicle laws as cars, trucks, buses, and motorcycles are now. I would be willing to wager that 99% of those "scooters" operating in the immediate EC area have been altered to exceed the 30 mph limit. NONE of those operators in the EC area observe the laws governing the proper use and driving of scooters as now established. They are all a hazard and clearly endanger those properly licensed operators of properly registered and insured motor vehicles. Pending legislation should also include prohibiting the use of scooters on any road, street, or highway that has a posted speed limit of 50 mph or more.

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