Elizabeth City State University Chancellor William Gilchrist speaks during a press conference at ECSU, Monday, May, 13, 2013.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

Elizabeth City State University Chancellor William Gilchrist speaks during a press conference at ECSU, Monday, May, 13, 2013.

Gilchrist resigns: ECSU chancellor — 'Right moment’ to step aside

Jon Hawley and William West

The Daily Advance

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Willie J. Gilchrist, chancellor of Elizabeth City State University for the past seven years, has resigned amid a state investigation of the campus police department’s handling of a sexual battery case and a separate review of the department’s failure to investigate 125 criminal complaints.

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What's the difference between Penn State and ECSU?????? Remove "GILCHRIST" from the building!!!


What's the difference between Penn State and ECSU?????? Remove "GILCHRIST" from the building!!!

Called it

I know I mentioned something like this in a previous comment, but now the other shoe has dropped. Rather than actually show leadership, Dr. Gilchrist is 'bailing' on ECSU. We will be told he was going to retire anyway, it was coincidental, etc, etc, and he will receive his full retirement, despite all the problems coming to light. He is the 'rat escaping the sinking ship' rather than exemplifying 'When the going gets tough, the tough getting going!'

Gilchrist's resignation at this point...

Is like jumping off the Titanic after she hit the iceberg. As the investigations dig into the bedrock of cover-ups and falsified records, we might see many more things come to light. I highly doubt that his resignation will protect him from the fallout.

Yes, it is the right time to resign!

It is the right time to resign because you are gonna be fired if you didnt. Gilchrist is getting out before the poop hits the fan. It might be too late since he may linked to some of the cover ups. I say clean house and get someone in there that knows how to run a higher education institution in a manner that is inline with the North Carolina University System.

ECSU cartel is crumbling

Just like the mighty mafias, gangs, and cartels of New York City, Chicago, and Detroit,one domino falls and then all the others follow in sequence. The next few months should prove interesting as investigators slowly and surely peel away the layers of coverups and corruption. Who knows? Maybe some good will come out of all this and COA will gain a new campus!

I disagree

I respect d clay perkins, but disagree with his evaluation of Chancellor Gilchrist. I think his resignation is in the best interest of the University, himself and the community.


I email Perkins last year asking him, his relationship with Willie and he said that they were friends and that they had dinner several times a year. I could see this coming, didn't expect it way it came out, but I really didn't want to see Mid Atlantic get caught up in the mess at ECSU. I felt Willie was sucking Mid Atlantic into the mess out there. Perkins needs to put some space between the two. respectively Pete Lacy


Dr. Gilchrist & his wife will be missed. He did an excellent job at ECSU! Blessing to my friend on the next chapter in your life. D. Clay Perkins

Don't forget declining enrollment & financial malfeasance

Effective summary of Halifax Co. Schools situation, sparatus. Now stay tuned, will someone "discover" that ECSU has two staffers on its payroll who are "permanently located" at Halifax Comm. College, one at COA, and maybe others who make their own schedule and have no discernible accountability. The whole institution is filled with corruption from top to bottom. Bullying, fear, threats, and intimidation is the weapon of choice for how the faculty/staff treats each other. Finally, the media is reporting the injustices to students, faculty and staff. UNC-General Admin has been called in the past as well as OSP but told me nothing they could do/couldn't prove it. The stories I could tell of my supervisor's verbal abuse and physical intimidation are beyond belief. Clean house - top to bottom! Check all those old records and reports of abuse. It might be time to contact UNC-GA again. Dr. Gilchrist is only the tip of the iceburg.

After Gilchrist resigned as

After Gilchrist resigned as Superintendent of Halifax County Schools, the finances were in a complete shambles and the school system was failing in every aspect. Failing to the point they were taken over by the State of NC. This doesn't surprise me.




Will these do? Chantelle MacPhee, Muriel Jones, Donna whidbee, Anthony Brown, Bernetta Brown, Ali Khan, Eric Thomas, Barbara Johnson, Monetta Williams, Lolitta Turner... to name a FEW.

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