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Handcuffed inmate knocks officer down steps

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A week after a man escaped courtroom security and fled down the street, an inmate on Monday almost made a similar break for it.

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bond amounts

seem to differ for the crimes committed in our city/county. one guy gets a $10,000 bond for knocking an officer down, the other gets a $2.3 million bond for an array of charges, but a child molester only got a $1,000 bond and it wasn't even printed in crimewatch. wonder what the magistrates were thinking on that day?

I've noticed

that inmates are handcuffed in the front in EC most of the times. I don't know why. If the inmates are handcuffed in the back, the less chances of something like this happening.

I am really starting to

I am really starting to question our courtroom security.What qualifications do these people have? Are they physically able to handle this position?

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