Help sought in solving robbery

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Police are asking for the public’s help in solving a recent robbery in the vicinity of the Enfield Recreation area.

A man had left the basketball courts and was on Catalina Avenue when he was assaulted by an unknown male, police Sgt. Wade Brite said.

The man was robbed of $250 as a result of the incident, which occurred the afternoon Feb. 14, a police report showed.

Brite said the suspect was wearing gray and yellow Adidas shorts, yellow Griffey’s shoes, a brown shirt with a tribal design and a snap back hat showing support for a Miami sports team.

Anyone with any information is asked to phone the Police Department at 335-4321.


Great Description of the clothes but what about the suspect

The police seem to have a great description about what the suspect was wearing. What about the other important characteristics? male,female, black, white,asian, hispanic, tall, short, skinny, fat It is amazing how they know the details of the hat but not the general make up of the suspect.

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