Hoffer: Pure Oil station renovation work on hold

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Citing what he called a “widespread” lack of support from Elizabeth City’s downtown, a local businessman says he and his wife’s plans to renovate several properties, including the former Pure Oil service station, are now on hold.

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Does this mean downtown Elizabeth City

is not as business friendly as many thought, or wanted people to think?

I agree.

Downtown has got to have some shopping available downtown that is for the 8-5 working set. Otherwise, it just is not going to boom.

Face the facts

What does EC downtown offer? Let's stroll down Main St. We see banks, AOA, attorney offices, a cafe' or two, a federal building, a courthouse, a coffee shop, a sandwich shop. Venture over to a side street or two, we find a few more craft shops, a restaurant or two, numerous bars offering various menus, but mostly alcohol of all kinds. Outside of the few eateries and bars, all of the others businesses are open when? 9 to 5, that is, if you're lucky. Now, ask yourselves, when are all of the EC residents working? The better part of them work 7 to 5, some 8 to 5, and some 9 to 5. When, exactly, are they supposed to patronize these downtown stores? Should they being taking off time from work to shop downtown? And what about those that have no interest in arts, crafts, boutiques, drinking coffee, or swilling beer, wine, and whiskey? What is offered there that good old county folk would be attracted to? Absolutely nothing!!!! No department store, no grocery store, no nothing that regular working class people find interesting or necessary. Face the facts. Downtown has geared itself for the snooty, upper crust, wannabe socialites and the alcohol swilling szots that drink themselves stupid while using their inebriated wit and charm to seduce a has-been "queen" for a one night stand.

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