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Hopefuls differ on bridge project

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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All four candidates seeking to represent northeastern North Carolina in the General Assembly support the Mid-Currituck Bridge but disagree on the best way to protect the proposed $600 million project from being chopped out of the state budget.

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The evacuation call for a new bridge is a decoy. Developers pockets are the reason for the bridge. If US 1 can empty the Keys we have zero problems with evacuations. Warnings are given in plenty of time. What can be developed with a new bridge could in fact be developed as it is. That means commerce is not a reason either. I have no problem with the bridge until it comes to tax dollars, $15 million a year as a matter of fact, for many years. Stan White, is a developer who stands to benefit greatly from this project.

Steinburg and Cook needed for Bridge

When you are talking about protecting lives and creating new opportunities for commerce, the bridge is a no brainer.

Stan White

TDA needs to change a description of Stan White. He is NOT seeking re-election but rather election. Perdue appointed him to the position; not the voters.

The bridge is needed for

The bridge is needed for emergency management purposes. In the event of a natural disaster, thousands of residents and visitors to eastern North Carolina will need to be evacuated. Virginia had actually threatened to close their border along Gates, Currituck etc... and anyone who was trying to leave NENC would have to enter Virginia on I 95. Hampton Roads cannot handle the traffic during a mass evacuation and they don't want people stuck on US 64 during a natural disaster. That's why parts of 17 and 158 are being widened as well The bridge would help visitors get off the Outerbanks and get them out of North Carolina or to western parts of the State faster.

Mr. Steinburg and Mr. Cook

You are not off to a good start. You are both attempting to waste each taxpayers hard earned money.

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