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Hospital reports early losses

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Two months into its new budget year, Albemarle Hospital is already operating in the red — a circumstance not unexpected, hospital officials say, given the economy, Albemarle’s reduced patient counts and its large share of patients who either are unable to afford insurance or reliant on government insurance.

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That would be too hard for

That would be too hard for the hospital to cope up but I am glad to know that everybody seems doing their best for a better result and future. - YOR Health Products

Beyond tacky, you should be ashamed

Susan you should be ashamed using the comments section for an ad, especially one that shows the further decline of the hospital. All for what pushing some non-working rip off enzyme products, psst everybody go eat yogurt. seeeesh. Hopefully the Daily Advance revokes your online privileges. Looks like the board has run out of people to blame now that Vident is gone. However what is most evident is the community needs to suck up and realize if we don't improve or economic situation we will lose our hospital. Get the STEM school in, stop bickering and everybody work together. All those folks who think our economic prosperity is tired to VA wake up look at a map, just because you are willing to drive an hour doesn't mean a business is willing. We are going to have to do this from with-in starting with our schools.

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