Immigrants to march for NC driver’s licenses

Associated Press

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RALEIGH — Immigrant families and their supporters are set to march in hopes of being able to drive in North Carolina.

Those who support driver’s licenses for immigrants living illegally in North Carolina are scheduled to march today from banks on Fayetteville Street to the Governor’s Mansion. Organizers estimate that 400 people will march.

A recently released study by the state Department of Public Safety concluded that giving driving permits to immigrants in the state illegally should lead to safer driving, although there’s no established statistical basis to verify that conclusion.

The study also listed the downsides to issuing the licenses, including more resources needed for the Division of Motor Vehicles and the influx of applicants, many of whom may not pass the exam.


Are you serious???

The Immigration Dept. should be there to round up all the illegals at the march and deport them back to their own country. Why should they get a drivers license when they cant even get their legal papers straight to live in the state? Research shows that illegals drive under the influence more because it is normal to drink and drive in their country. Not too long ago some teenagers were killed right across the state line in Virginia by an illegal immigrant drinking and driving without a license. Also, they probably cannot read and write in English so why should they be able to get a license. Not to mention that they wont be able to read the English traffic signs. Come on Raleigh, you need to rethink this idea!

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