Interest grows in building movie theater

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City officials say city residents really want to see a new movie theater come to Elizabeth City, and they’re getting inquiries from multiple companies to build one.

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Just another death knell

Elizabeth City is beginning to resemble the famous "Trail of Tears" path of relocating the American Indians to reservations. After the Carolina Building fire in "66", the Southgate Mall became the new and hot business area. Next there was the first WalMart plaza. Now, the current Tanglewood area is the latest and greatest hot spot for businesses. All the while, one traveling from the center of EC to points north or south, sees a trail of deserted commercial buildings slowing, but surely, decaying from lack of utilization.

I miss the Carolina Theater.

I miss the Carolina Theater. It was really nice to get a meal and watch a movie. I'm not holding my breath on a new multiplex theater.

Then they should give Gateway the same tax cuts

Then they should give Gateway Cinema the same tax breaks as Thompson Thrift. Gateway has been a long time supporter of our local area we should not give preference to an outside business. This is the sticky side of giving preferential tax breaks as the breaks spurn your long time local businesses.

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