Judge: Brooks sentence in effect

By William F. West

Staff Writer

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Elizabeth City City Councilman Michael Brooks must keep his distance from city employees or risk going to jail, a judge ruled Monday.

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After observing the Reverend Brooks'

deplorable behavior last night, all I can say is - thank God I'm an atheist! Not only is this man an embarrassment, he is a menace.




How does one thank God if you are an atheist?

It's called "irony"



I'm sure Mr. Brooks will

I'm sure Mr. Brooks will exhibit a model, positive attitude as he performs his 200 hours of community service. He'll probably also be a training aid in the anger management class.

The sentence

should NOT be stayed pending appeal. This has gone on long enough. I'm grateful that we don't have Mr. Brooks as a council member in Hertford.

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