Lab effort slower than Womble said

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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District Attorney Andrew Womble recently told a group of Currituck Republicans he is working to get a blood evidence lab established in the region, and he indicated his office has made headway with hospitals that would be responsible for operating and overseeing the lab.

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Foolish reporting by the Daily Advance

Why is the Daily Advance involving themselves in these discussions and potentially creating barriers to future negotiations. This is a benefit to the region! You would think they would encourage it and give Womble credit for taking on this initiative. As usual, when it comes to the Daily Advance, politics is more important than service. Small minded people!

I wonder if the Daily Advance

will do a story about District Attorney Andrew Womble reviewing the Use of Force Continuum for all law enforcement officers in the First Judicial District recently. This was shortly after the problem in Ferguson, MO occurred and long before the Daily Advance article about Could It Happen Here? was printed. As the true leader/manager that he is as the District Attorney, Andrew Womble is way out in front on this issue. The tremendously biased Daily Advance will not recognize his leadership. They're too busy recognizing Nancy Lamb's photo ops.

TDA will take every

TDA will take every opportunity to cast Womble in a negative light. They will take every opportunity to cast Lamb positively. That's just who they are. We can't have fairness - that wouldn't help our candidate. Why does TDA not ask Ms. Lamb what steps she and her late boss took to establish a forensics lab?

Wht Didn't

TDA interview Mr. Womble's points of contacts for this story? Because it did not fit into their smear campaign! The Daily Democrat does not want to see one Republican elected!

How much effort during her 30 years in the DA's office

did Nancy Lamb make to bring a lab to the northeast? This is a Daily Advance smear piece at it's finest. We all know it will only get worse as Nov. 4th approaches. This kind of yellow journalism gets me fired up and makes me want all the more to get the truth out. So obviously pathetic, Daily Advance.

Come on!!!!!

The Daily Advance is obviously working feverishly to come up with anything they can to "try" and discredit Mr. Womble. This piece's story value is lame to be kind. I'm sure Mr. West, its author, had no stomach for this assignment, but he had no choice either. This directive came down to him from the editor of the Advance himself, one of Ms. Lambs staunchest supporters. No one should be surprised. Mr. Womble is doing an incredible job cleaning up the unprecedented backlog of cases he inherited from his predecessor and his assistant. The governor obviously made the right choice in appointing Mr. Womble District Attorney. Now it is up to the voters of Judicial District 1 to see that he continues in that role after Election Day.

I would like to thank hpwilliams

for publically standing up and making a statement in support of Mr. Womble's effort to improve the DA's Office.

District Attorney making effort to correct problem

The Daily advance is doing all it can to influence the upcoming election. The attempt by Andy Womble to correct a serious problem that has existed for years should be praised not criticized. The Daily Advance should be supporting this effort. One question that should be answered is: What efforts have been made before Womble to address this serious problem?

I encourage Sentara to take this on.

Our area desperately needs this. Two years is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. Sentara is the one with the ability to make this happen.

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