Lamb: Womble seeks stepping stone to judgeship

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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District Attorney Andrew Womble sought appointment to his current job not because he was interested in being the region’s chief prosecutor but because he viewed district attorney as a “stepping stone” to becoming a Superior Court judge, Womble’s challenger Nancy Lamb charged last week.

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One thing we can all count on

One thing we can all count on from TDA between now and November - positive stories regarding Mrs. Lamb and stories with a negative flavor regarding Mr. Womnble.

Prosecutors who aspire to be judges

“Later in 2000, [Robert] Trivette threw his hat into the ring for a new District Court seat created by the General Assembly to alleviate the [First] district's overburdened court system. Two other assistant district attorneys, Nancy Lamb and Amber Davis, and Edenton attorney Samuel Dixon, were also vying for the seat. In December 2000, Gov. Jim Hunt appointed Davis....” -- From the Virginian-Pilot (Oct. 25, 2009)

The fact

The fact that Ms. Lamb wished to be considered for a judgeship in 2000, after MANY years as a career prosecutor, is simply incomparable to the idea that an individual would seek the position of District attorney simply as a way to work him or herself into a judicial position.

Didn't most judges work their way into their positions

by first being DA's? I know many prominent judges who did. So what is so bad about that process? Nancy Lamb is just sour grapes because Governor McCrory didn't appoint her to the permanent DA position. She's a real dreamer if she thought that would happen.

Thanks to Mr. Lew Powell,

I guess the defense rests. Does anyone doubt the bias in our local media?

Double Standard or Alzheimer"s Moment?

Well either what's good for the goose is not good for the gander or one candidate has a serious short term memory problem.

Thank you Lew Powell

That is absolutely priceless information and funny as it can be. Poor Nancy.

The rest of the story.

What this article fails to mention is the significance of the straw vote of the attorneys held by the attorneys of the First Judicial District. If I'm not mistaken, 72% of the attorneys in this district are registered Democrats, but yet the majority crossed party lines to support Andrew Womble, a Republican, to be the next District Attorney. As a lay person I know little about what goes on in a district attorney's office. But what I do know is that the trial attorneys know. These are intelligent, well educated, trustworthy people. A former Chair of the Pasquotank Democrat Party crossed lines to support Andrew Womble and continues to support him. Numerous life long Democrat trial attorneys crossed party lines to support Andrew Womble and continue to support him. They definitely have a reason for their action. That's all I need to know in making my decision to strongly support Andrew Womble to remain our District Attorney.


If Nancy Lamb is running out of revenge that is a poor reason to seek the position of District Attorney. Someone like that does not sound as if they would be fair in their prosecution of cases. If her reasoning is also to have that as the pinnacle of her career then I find that to also be a wrong reason to want to have that position. Frankly I think someone who aspires to move further up in their career would strive to do a better job so as to enhance their record. Just my opinion.

Even if Womble did aspire to be a judge,

is Ms. Lamb saying there is something wrong with that. Does she believe being a district attorney should be the final level in a person's career? That is low level thinking. attorney should be the DA for an extended time. Just like all other politicians they don't need to stay long enough to get where they think they own the office.

I agree, kz001

Sounds like Lamb is a bit jealous of Womble's potential aspirations. She had her opportunity also,......and blew it! Ab it like the story about the fox and the grapes. When the fox couldn't reach them, his reasoning ad justification was, they were probably sour anyway.

Your analogy

Your analogy of situations always impress me!

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