Lawmakers cool to 4-2-1 plan

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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The “4-2-1 plan” reshaping the Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners is too controversial to support without a public referendum, the county’s state lawmakers said Monday.

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This racial situation is very depressing to me.

I know in my heart that people are people. The color of their skin is irrelevant. Ideas are what matters. The truth is I hate it that even ideas divide us. I do know some judge on skin color initially but, even most of those people are embracive of different races when they can connect with philosophy and ideology. Mr. Perry is wrong, the greatness of our government is that integrity voting counts. I have supported a black candidate for president in the past based on beliefs. As a matter of fact, he taught me how to separate some personal issues from public issues. I now am a supporter of Dr. Ben Carson for president. This black skin colored man is awesome. He won't be elected because it is not in the plan. The plan being God's plan. If things are to get better it is only for a season. Senator Cook and Representative Steinburg, I know political pressure is intense on you but, when you are alone at home at night, go to your all loving God and pray for direction on this vote. In my mind their is no fair way but to let the "people" vote.

"Absolutely disappointing."

What's "absolutely disappointing" to me about this is Commissioner Sterritt.

W.A Lehmann

Absolutely point on!

New elected officials.

If elected officials think they know what's best for the people without letting the people themselves decide through a referendum vote, it's time to get new elected officials.



just to be clear

Chairman Dixon allowed public comment at this work session, even though that is not he tradition. He informed the group that he would allow two spokes people from both sides, five minutes each. Mr. Brown was first, and refused to give up the podium at the five minutes mark. When he finished, Chairman Dixon explained that in keeping with the parameters that he had set and since Mr. Brown had taken 10 minutes to speak, that no one else would be allowed to speak for the 4-2-1 plan. Of the other two, one against the plan and one against the plan without a voter referendum, their combined speaking time was less than five minutes. This article makes it look like Dixon favored one side over the other, which is not the case. Dixon clearly warned Mr. Brown several times about the five minute limit when he it exceeded it and he handled the situation fairly. Betsy Meads


What's fair about Dixon allowing Brown to go over 5 minutes when he was specifically told he had a 5 minute limit?

Said it once,

I'll say it again, "Put an upstanding black candidate on the ballot that is fair, unbiased, and of good morals and strong character" and there will not be any problem electing him/her to a BOC seat. As long as the dregs of the race keep running, it will never happen and the tension will never go away.

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