Lawmakers defend teacher raises

By Jon Hawley and William F. West

The Daily Advance

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CURRITUCK — The new raises for teachers included in the recently approved state budget don’t do much for experienced teachers, Currituck County school officials said last week.

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One more slobering, narrow minded

love affair.

Ectraveller, you are very intelligent and insightful!

Well said!

GOP could not care less

The only reason why our Republican lawmakers pushed for this skewed raise was to lull the education community and the public-at-large to re-elect them into office. With the flurry of legislation earlier last year to castrate public education and attempt to funnel funds away from our schools to private entities, we can only imagine what the Party of No has planned for public education should they win election. And it's not only education, but stripping DENR of many of its powers, especially in the wake of the Dan River coal spill. Of course, that's what you can expect from a governor who used to work for Duke Energy. But that's a story for another day...

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