State Representatives (l-r) Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, and Bill Cook attend a forum hosted by the Currituck Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday.

Thomas J. Turney/The Daily Advance

State Representatives (l-r) Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, and Bill Cook attend a forum hosted by the Currituck Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday.

Lawmakers: No full effect yet from GOP changes

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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BARCO — Two conservative Republican lawmakers representing the Albemarle area said Tuesday that the state is just beginning to feel the benefits of changes enacted by a GOP-led General Assembly.

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I do not believe Bob Steinburg is Alb. Conserv.

Furthermore, I think it is in poor taste that a Daily Advance customer is being harassed by another customer. They might want to consider debating ideas instead of "he said, she said", with attitudes.

I'm praying for you unafilliated

You are a Smarty Pants. Apparently you not only have hatred for our representative but are also a woman hater as well. Your remarks are unfortunately sexist and offensive, shameful and degrading. You sound like you believe women can't think and don't have opinions that matter... sadly a typical good ol boy mentality which I also have been a victim of in my own relationships. I will pray to God for you to be healed and to find peace within yourself. Please also consider seeking psychiatric help to find out what is really driving your addiction to hatred and your being so mean spirited. It can only hurt you and those around you who really care. Try to have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your family and loved ones. Life is too short to do otherwise. "God, please remove all bitterness and hatred and obsession from your servant Unaffiliated's heart and help to make this servant whole and at peace forever. Amen." You are in God's hands now.

Women hater? Do what?

You Mr. Steinburg are one of the most mean spirited people I have ever encountered. I appreciate the prayers, but please pray for yourself. Get a grip Bob. A couple months ago you were an expert medical examiner in the ferry suicide case, now since you have trouble taking criticism, you have chosen to psychoanalyze a blogger, Dr. Steinburg. You can dish it but you can't take it. I am a true Christian Conservative. Can you say the same? You and your radical tea party republicans have over-reached, and there will be a price to pay in 2014 and 2016. Common sense Republicans will take back the party sooner or later. Albemarle Conservative is Bob Steinburg. Your obsession with my views smokes you out friend. Case closed.

you are in Gods hands now

Me and my spouse have been saved and it brings us such peace and comfort. We hate to see anyone attacked as viciously as you have personally attacked our representative and senator here and in other entries you have made and we feel as Christians it is our duty to speak up when this happens, not only to a fellow follower of the way, but anyone who is sick, oppressed, hurting and in need. We try and live our faith each and every day to the best of our God given ability and talents. You say you are a Christian but by even basic Christian standards of decency that we in the faith should all be familiar with, your posts don't reflect that caring and kind gentleness of Christian spirit that true Christians receive freely through God's grace and forgiveness. There is so much anger and bitterness and false testimony in your words. True Christians just don't talk that way about anyone. May God our father cleanse the bitterness and anger in your heart. We have no anger, no contempt and no bitterness in our hearts toward any human being. Our faith alone has brought us great peace and comfort in this life, all thanks be to God. To Him goes all the thanks, praise and glory. If you can't get over this you should call the representative and senator and tell them of your concerns and how disappointed you apparently are in them or better yet meet with them or attend events like this and ask them questions. With God by your side you have nothing to fear and it should bring you some measure of peace and satisfaction that this blog and others like it never can. Your torturing yourself. Go right to the source and get the truth.


The suggestion by Cook that the Republicans are cleaning up the last 140 years of Democratic rule is political hyperbole at its worst, and factually incorrect.

Common Core is poison!

It is a pathway to destroy America. If you are a parent and you love the United States of America with its original intent and principles you better investigate it and become active or it WILL CONTROL your children and YOUR future.

I have certainly not agreed with

Rep. Steinberg on all of his votes but I can tell you one thing, he has out performed predecessors by a wide margin.

Publicity op

What is fundamentally wrong is for the Chamber to host a purely political forum on Tuesday at the request of our Representative from New York, Bob Steinburg. He bombed at the Education Forum. He was rude, disrespectful, unprofessional and an embarrassment to Currituck County residents. The more we get to know him and his temperament, the clearer it becomes why the voters in Chowan County, his latest home county, who know him best, voted against him in 2012. The Chamber should not allow itself to be used for political purposes by Steinberg to rehabilitate himself from his dismal performance at the Education Forum. He insulted Currituck County citizens, elected leaders and educators. He made it clear to all present that he has no respect for teachers and our public education system. He embarrassed himself by showing he has no self control when confronted with opposing viewpoints and criticism. Now the Chamber has a special forum at his request so he can redeem himself from his self-righteous finger pointing performance. This forum was a choreographed publicity stunt and the Chamber should avoid being used for political purposes in the future.


"Unaffiliated" repeatedly has shown in posts an obsession with our new representative; an obsession that might clinically border on a mental disorder. Check out the posts in the archives. The pattern of blogged comments reveal a consistent, singularly fixated narrative. Creepy! I mean, reeeeleeeeee creeeeeeeepeeeeee!!!!!!

Talk about creepy

Please go around and speak as much as possible so the voters can see you for what you are. Your rude and intolerant performance at the education forum showed everyone what Creepy looks and sounds like. Bob Steinburg is Albemarle Conservative. Case closed Bob.

Creepy is what creepy does

Really??????? I'll have to take another look in the mirror. Unless our new representative has black hair, wears panty hose and a bra.....nice try unaffiliated! Reading your posts is like watching a rerun of Fatal Attraction.


Albemarle Conservative is Bob Steinburg. Case Closed. How he chooses to dress up at home is his own business.

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