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Letter: Firing Olson would have sent city off cliff

By C. Everett Thompson II

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At the last city council meeting three of our city council members almost drove the city of Elizabeth City off a cliff. Out of the blue and without any warning, one of them made a motion at the end of the meeting to immediately terminate our city manager, Rich Olson. They tried to ram a vote through when longtime City Councilwoman Anita Hummer was not there. Lucky for us, the motion did not pass and most importantly the swing vote was Councilor Kem Spence. Only God knows what pressure he has undergone, but he showed courage and character. Everyone in Elizabeth City should thank him.

Dear Reader,
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My first meeting

The upcoming meeting will be my first; I can't wait to see the next set of antics this troupe gets up to in chambers.

Mr. Thompson

thank you for your letter. The only change I would have made is to put your last paragraph all in CAPITALS!!

Amen, Mr Thompson!

So VERY well stated!!!!!


Mr. Thompson - Your letter is right on! Thank-you for taking the time to express your observations & opinions! More citizens should speak out before we are driven off that cliff! Bill Hiemer

I agree

and I believe the council meeting are held every other Monday night. There is a meeting this Monday I think and I will be there to show support for Rich and it would be great to see a packed house.


Cap -According to the City website, the next city Council Meeting is not until MONDAY 14 APRIL, 7 PM sharp. Hope to see you there - please introduce yourself! Bill Hiemer

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