Low enrollment projection spurs dorm closure

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For the first time since it opened more than 30 years ago, ECSU’s Apartment Complex will be closed for the upcoming school year.

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Elizabeth City State University

The failure of ECSU is just a sign of the times. When you can not give something away it is hard to sell it at any price. Maybe, if there were jobs available for it's graduates ECSU would become necessary. Maybe if hogs sprout wings they will either fly or become birds. The useful benefits of a college education diminish every day. Maybe the University could investigate a curriculum that would promote jobs it might get more applicants. It is a shame that the system that has schools turning students down because of overcrowding has schools closing because not enough kids want to go there. No money that is thrown into ECSU's system will fix the reason that it is a failure, because it is already too late.

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