Marina wanted, but doubtful: Vision 20/20 report to be presented Monday

Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Mayor Joe Peel’s Vision 2020 community initiative is setting its sights on some major undertakings for Elizabeth City, including a full-service marina, development of the “Hugh Cale Training Center” for youth, and a robust Community Relations Commission that will enrich city residents and help overcome racial divisions.

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the city will encounter the same issue that the Pelican did, getting a permit to construct a breakwater. anyone that has seen the river when the wind picks up will attest to this. any boater will tell you that there are risks being moored at any marina, but to be effective it has to offer a minimum level of protection. it just can't been a bunch of piers sticking out into the water. then comes the issue of dredging. we have all seen the river drop several feet with a north wind and flood with a south wind. none of the boat owner want to take the risk of additional damage and possible fines (yes the EPA and Fisheries Management will fine a boat if there is a spill of any nature) when sever storm warning are published just look at the number of boat the run up river to south mills or Lambs Marina, or the island behind Albemarle hospital. anything but the area south of the causeway bridge.

A thriving marina, ECity is born for this.

Can the situation citizen 2 is concerned about be fixed? There must be some solution that would alleviate this problem. Is this maybe a problem that boaters expect no matter where they dock? Push hard Mayor Peel.


A marina looks good on paper, but one thing not discussed is location. anyone with a boat that has used the long standing Pelican Marina knows all to well that the Pasquotank river is very unforgiving. anytime there is a major storm, boat owner either have to haul out, or relocate up river. to make the marina work it would have to be located north of the causeway bridge several miles from the city. ask the folk that keep their boats at Nash's too.

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