Mediacom rep fields cable TV complaints

By Cindy Beamon

The Daily Advance

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CAMDEN — Paul Pulaski of Camden came home from working the night shift hoping to catch the replay of the University of Syracuse basketball game he missed.

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They could have TW cable. Had a problem in Nov. called, they were going send someone out. Never showed. Called in DEC., Jan. and Feb. They finally sent someone and the guy said he need to change cable and would be back in 7 to 10 days. It's been 15 days and no show. Friday I had the problem again called got someone again in Foreign country and after awhile got part of the problem cleared enough to see, but problem not solved, promised they would send someone next week, I then told her about all the other calls and lost my cool and said, just see if you can get it fixed by Christmas and hung up. TW doesn't have local phone and all customer service calls are answer overseas.

Same complaints, different county

I live in perquimans county and have the exact same complaints about mediacom service. Very poor connectivity, always on the fritz. Have had service techs at my house a dozen times or more in the last year alone. Because of the way business is structured through the county to not let other companies in the area (and I'm sure we know why) I have no other options to chose my service needs from.

There's always Dish or Direct

There's always Dish or Direct TV

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