Meiggs raised $250 in second quarter


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The Democratic challenger in the 1st House District race raised considerably less than incumbent state Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, during the past three months, campaign finance reports show.

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constituent support

Interesting that Mr. Meiggs criticizes Rep. Steinburg saying the Representative doesn't have constituent support. The only contribution Mr. Meiggs received was from his uncle. If you actually look at Rep. Steinburg's contributions over time you will see donations from all affiliations; a sign that Rep. Steinburg has support from all kinds of people. Further, if you look at Mr. Meiggs contributions over time you will see the bigger monies coming from outside sources. It is also interesting that Mr. Meiggs could or would not answer the reporter's question about his report acting as if he had received so much money he could not remember how much. FYI - candidate campaign finance reports can be seen from the website. They are for public knowledge.

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