Murder retrial to start in fall

Chowan Herald

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EDENTON — The retrial of a Chowan County man whose death sentence for first-degree murder was overturned in 2008 could get underway early this fall.

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What great news! This man should have been executed years ago!!


I am so glad to finally see this case going back to trial! This man should have already been executed..


I am so glad to finally see this case going back to trial! This man should have already been executed..

You're right EdentonNative.

I meant Williams, not Womble. So why wouldn't Judge Cole recuse Williams?

Unless Williams previously

Unless Williams previously represented Moore, there would be no conflict for Williams.

Conflict of Interest

I have always thought that if you have a conflict of interest, an ethical attorney must completely divorce himself from all matters involving a legal case. Because of Mr. Womble's prior involvement in the Moore case on behalf of the Defense, according to a previous report in the Daily Advance, the State is spending $250.00 per hour, or tens of thousands of dollars hiring HP Williams to prosecute this and other cases in which Mr. Womble has a conflict. In addition, in this case Mr. Womble is personally advocating for additional costs to the taxpayers by asking Judge Cole to schedule a special session of court in October to try the case. If he has a conflict, why is Mr. Womble involved in the case at all? Is not trying to have Mr. Moore tried in October, rather during the next session of court next year, an action which would speed up the date of Mr. Moore's execution in the event Mr. Moore again receives the death penalty? Is that not an act which is contrary to the best interests of the defense and the Defendant? It is clear from this article that Mr. Womble is involved in the prosecution of this case. Despite his stepping aside as courtroom prosecutor, he is still involved in the administrative and procedural aspects of the prosecution of this case, and is clearly advocating in ways contrary to the best interests of the Defendant and the defense team, even though, he has in the past been a part of the defense team. Mr. Womble has inappropriately interjected himself in these proceedings by trying to schedule the case in October. Mr. Williams should be handling all aspects of the case, including administrative and procedural matters. Mr. Womble should completely remove himself from this case, a case of life and death.

Your questions should be addressed and answered

by Judge J. C. Cole who refused to recuse the sitting District Attorney, Andrew Womble from this case. Why did Judge Cole refuse to recuse him?

Judge Cole refused to recuse H.P. Williams

from the case. He should be able to explain his reason.

Are you sure?

The article says Judge Cole refused to recuse Williams, not that he refused to recuse Womble.

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