NAACP asks Hertford to rescind vote on vacancy

By Peter Williams

The Perquimans Weekly

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HERTFORD — The president of the Perquimans County NACCP is calling on the Hertford Town Council to rescind its recent decision to fill a vacancy on the board with the town’s former white mayor instead of a black applicant who narrowly lost an election for a council seat last year.

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Get it for free!

Typical response. If a black doesn't get it for free or just doesn't get it, then it is racism. Such a tired old argument, I mean whining!


Tired of hearing these blacks crying blues, black history,and NAACP. It's time we put qualified people in office. Seems only thing this black had to offer was color of his skin.

Please tell me Mr. Vaughn,

Of the "200" people polled,what was the race ratio? It's always the same old race rhetoric if the black community doesn't get its way. I'm soooooooo tired of hearing all the baseless racial crap emitting from the NAACP.

I thought hiring some one strictly on race is

not only discrimination, but against the law.

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