NAACP may pick attorney for probe

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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The NAACP or another “outside entity” should conduct the search for potential investigators to probe the roles Elizabeth City’s mayor and city manager played in the pursuit of a charter school for Pasquotank County, a majority of City Council voted Wednesday night.

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every time there is something that may be good for all, but not good for just one group of people, all of a sudden good for no one? I said this years ago and I will say it again, Brooks and Barber are the biggest racist. with few exceptions, in the USA. Pete is right!!! and it is good to hear from him.


the NAACP pick an investigator is akin to letting the KKK pick jurors in a black on white hate crime trial. If there ever was such a thing.

Bill Morgan

One of the most honest lawyers in town is Bill Morgan, I've used Bill for over thirty years and I would trust his judgment over any NAACP lawyer. I'm getting tired of council people putting down Olson, Peel and Morgan. It's time that we start to stand up for these people. I've dealt with attorneys from NY, DC and ever state to Florida and I'll put Bill Morgan at the top of list. Come on folks let's hear from you. Mr. Olson and Mayor Peel have done an excellent job. PETE LACY


The name of the NAACP states without any possible confusion that the organization indeed HAS a bias, a specific agenda intended for one race. If a truly unbiased attorney is to be chosen to look into the charter school issue concerning Olson and Peel, that attorney most certainly CANNOT come from, or be recommended by the NAACP. Doing so immediately adds bias to the situation. One other point regarding resumes and ability, directly from the article: Brooks disagreed, commenting investigators’ resumes “have nothing to do with their ability to investigate.” What utter and complete nonsense! What if the person's resume showed 1 month of investigative experience, preceded by 25 years as a meat cutter? The business world utilizes resumes to gather information on possible candidates, including their background and experience in specific areas. To state that one's resume has nothing to do with their ability to do a specific job is complete and utter nonsense, and Mr. Brooks should know better.

Please excuse the pun but,

Brooks calling someone biased is the pot calling the kettle black. I know of no more biased individual than he is with the exception of the state NAACP leader Barber.

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