New group tapped to run animal shelter

By Cindy Beamon

Staff Writer

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CURRITUCK — A group that splintered from the nonprofit running Currituck’s animal shelter will take over as the facility’s new operator on Tuesday.

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ALAL Has Done an Outstanding Job

Animal Lovers Assistance League with 9 years experience running the shelter has done an outstanding job of advocating for the animals in the county. Yes, Ginger is not everyone's favorite because she is soooo focused on her passion for the animals. So I guess now that is a bad thing! Good luck to the new group. Their proposal to the county does not resemble anything doing with a county animal shelter. The county does not provide enough funds to run the shelter, provide medications and treatment of the sick and injured. The building is a mess, it needs to be replaces A.S.A.P. A.L.A.L. will still be advocating for the animals providing low cost spay/neuter, micro chipping, rabies vaccinations as well as providing education to get folks to "UNCHAIN YOUR DOG". We won't be running the shelter this year but we are certainly NOT stopping our work to advocate for those who can not speak for themselves. Grateful Currituck Citizen!

Awesome News

This is wonderful news! So glad Mrs. Hitler is out of there!

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