Officials: Citizens key in stopping violence

By Reggie Ponder

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City police apparently aren’t the only ones on heightened alert for crime once the number of shooting incidents start going up.

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Sallie's got it right.

As usual, Sallie is right on target on this one. Until the bad guys are prosecuted, our city will continue to deteriorate into a drug ridden, gang controlled hell hole.

sallie not tony

I agree with most of the comments. However, I know that Mayor Peel has a complete commitment to the safety and security of our citizens. This onion has many layers, and some of them are illustrated in these blogs. There is parenting, there is education, there is early intervention for troubled youngsters. Then there is prompt, tough and long lasting incarceration for those who choose not to avail themeselves of many of the opportunities provided to them. As ever, I look at the current situation, prior situations, and see the complete lack of support for our police from the office of the District Attorney. Many, perhaps most, of the blogs on all of these situations, ask the same question, "why are these people still on the streets," which raises the question of how they get reduced sentences, dropped charges, probation, parole, take your pick. All of these decisions are made by our District Attorney. I'm sure he is a nice guy, but he is a terrible DA. I understand that jail and prison space is limited and can only be used for the most dangerous, most violent offenders. Wow, isn't that good news for the "petty offenders," "gansta wannabes," they can commit any crimes they want in EC and they couldn't pay to get a prison sentence. Our EC police, Pasquotank County Sheriffs, State and Federal agents do a really good job. They put their lives on the line against this scum and their work is negated by the legal process, i.e, the DA. The only real progress and incarceration for these criminals has come from the Feds. Again and again we go back to this issue. Our police take the front line, they arrest violent, armed criminals, they take them to jail, they go before the DA and are released. And the cycle continues.

A very literate summation; I

A very literate summation; I support your efforts.


“I do not accept the fact that people are judging these young people because they are violent, when there are so many violent people in this world.” Latson said. If you do not judge a person based on his actions, what do you judge them on? I hope Latson's statement was taken out of context or just a brain melt. Otherwise, we have no help coming from this person. I for one, DO judge people based on their actions, not their looks, not their ideas, not who they hang out with, but their actions.


It's already too late to clean up Elizabeth City. Now it's just time for normal folk to move and leave the city to the stuffed shirt boater supporters and the gangs. That's what's already happening. In the past 20 years Weeksville has grown...that's because everyone knows the city is a horrible place to live.


It is never too late to make positive changes. It takes work and requires people in power who understand the obstacles and who realize that it can take more than just lip service to make the changes occur. The worst thing you can do is give up, because then...they win. And - weeksville isn't even a short distance from EC.... yes, the problems will follow you if allowed to do so.

I disagree........

I disagree that citizens are the key in stopping the violence. The local authorities know who these criminals are because they have arrested them numerous times. The problem is that they keep ending up back on the streets. These gang bangers live with family members that harbor their criminal lifestyle. And you know their family is not going to turn them in. The answer is to increase the patrol and keep picking these thugs off the street and put them away. The more you arrest them, the longer the sentence should be. Don't just slap their wrist and let them back out. These gang bangers will be lifetime criminals with each crime becoming worse. Eventually they will shoot and/or kill someone. We need to clean up Elizabeth City before it's too late.

You know they old saying....

"No honor among thieves"? Put a bounty on anyone in the gang world and watch how fast the crimeline lights up.

Better yet, if the police

Better yet, if the police know who these gang members are, then publish their photographs along with the 'Gang Marker' they display; as a public safety notification. This way the citizens will know who they are!

It will sound harsh...

But many other countries have physical ways to identify people who have murdered or stolen from another person. A slit in the ear, a notch in the ear or nose, a missing finger or hand. Gruesome...yes, but it is hard for evil to lurk in the shadows when those who would commit the vile deeds is forced to bear a noticable marker of what they did. Should we go that far? No.... but for repeat offenders, maybe a nice tattoo on their forhead or hand. Something to identify them and the crime they committed. And... while comparing us to other countries, very few out there have the system of "yes, you can mess up 20 times and still pass Go again". They put many of the repeat violent ones out of commission... permenantly.


Private citizens log and report what they witness. Law enforcement tries to take steps to dig deeper and maybe even make arrests. The cases are then pushed to the DA who pleads it down and the criminals walk. Explain how this works. Answer....It doesn't.

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