Pasquotank DSS to hire 3 new caseworkers


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Pasquotank County commissioners approved hiring three new caseworkers for the county Department of Social Services on Tuesday, a move the DSS director said was needed to combat “overwhelming workloads.”

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How Many? How Much?

How many employees are there at DSS? How many are paid from local funds? How many are paid from state funds? Federal funds? How many locally funded employees are required by state or federal law?

How much control is local regarding criteria for receiving assistance? How much money does the state require the county to put in the pot? How much money does the federal gov require us to put in the pot? Everything over that is a decision made by local commissioners.

What is the best method to reduce the number of people seeking assistance from DSS? Is it a workable solution? Can the solution be implemented locally without state or federal okay?

Maybe if some of the people

Maybe if some of the people were cut off from handouts they could handle the case loads. Too many people on he system for too long! The government has to stop this at some point and say get a job! yes, there are jobs out here but the don't come to you!

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