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Pasquotank OKs permit for part of solar project

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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Pasquotank County’s first solar farm took a step closer toward reality this week, after commissioners granted a conditional use permit for part of the nearly 300-acre project.

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Please help me understand this

Commissioner Griffin raised concerns about a $94,000 inspection fee not covering the cost of the county staff. Salaries of county employees are part of the yearly operational budget and county property tax rates are based on that yearly operational budget. Since when did it become a requirement for each county department to be self-sustaining? Granted, some departments, such as the Tax Department, take in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and has a relatively small operational budget. In contrast, the Sheriff's Department takes in very little money and has a huge operational budget. By this commissioner's reasoning, the Sheriff's Department should start collecting a user fee for every call and service provided. It appears that the County Manager and the entire Board of Commissioners have lost sight that the reason these many departments were created was, "To serve the people". The commissioners, though an elected office, receive pay for their services. This pay comes from the county's yearly budget. How are they paying their own way? No doubt that fees help to offset costs, but don't discourage the economic growth of the county by charging unreasonable fees to "cover staff expenses"! Staff expense is an OVERHEAD cost, dummies! It's part of the tax base! If every county office was self-sustaining, then there would be no need for taxes! PS- Griffin, your village called. They want their idiot back.

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