Physician reprimanded for 3rd time

By Jon Hawley

The Daily Advance

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The state board charged with licensing and disciplining North Carolina’s physicians has reprimanded Dr. Steven Faber, an Elizabeth City-based gastroenterologist, for inadequately supervising care of a patient in 2007.

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It is really important to

It is really important to have a strong healthy body to actually be capable of such a performance. Most people should just have a quick check-up, like some seen on and be healthy for themselves and then, for the families.


Reprimand. Just what is and how are we to take a "reprimand" of a licensed professional in our society? A judge was reprimanded and what came of it? He is still on the bench. As the old saying goes, "They shoot the privates and reprimand the generals." How did it serve the public?

In his defense,

I find Dr. Faber to be a very capable, thorough, caring, and attentive doctor. His cutting edge procedure of laser treatment of hemorrhoids has, for many years been ridiculed by many in the medical profession of this area. Yet, it has been given accolades and is approved by the AMA, with extensive worldwide publicity and visibility afforded by the self same AMA. His procedure has been proven, time and time again, to be less invasive and the least painful treatment of any of the alternate or standardized medical procedures to date. Even though this is not the procedure related to the reprimand, I suspect that the decision of multiple reprimands is coming by way of the jealous and influential peers within the NC Medical Board with an axe to grind. Also noted is, that TDA has been quick to jump on the bandwagon of condemnation and ridicule over the years every time this has occurred. My confidence in his abilities have, nor will it ever, diminish. I might add that with TDA's negativity, it is all the more reason to support him, as their track record in lack of credibility, wisdom, and responsible journalism exceedingly transcends the seriousness of Dr. Faber's reprimand. Additionally, you may rest assured that if he is ever prohibited to practice in this state, my choice of treatment in his field will not include any practitioner associated with or under the scrutiny of the NC Medical Board.

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