Police hours cut after cost overrun


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Elizabeth City police officers will return to an 80-hour work schedule every two weeks after city officials said the former 84-hour schedule had caused a $200,000 shortfall in last year’s police budget.

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This is definitely a bad news

This is definitely a bad news for all the people in this community. Police visibility must be given emphasis at all times. Crime perpetrators might take advantage of this situation which I hope not. The budget allocation for these policemen should be given priority because if not, the safety of the community will be at stake.

why do the officers pay for Olson's Mistake

So the City Manager makes a mistake and the officers take a pay cut. With 60 officers at 8 hours a month that looks like the city will loose 480 hours a month of police services. Now the officers who are grossly underpaid make less each pay check. Where did The city Manager loose any pay. OHHH that's right they found the money for his raise. All the while the DA just showed where the city got a reduction in crime and not its Police force takes a reduction in pay. sounds about right for E city. Where is the City Council to stop this from happening. Please don't allow this City to loose the best Chief its had in a long time cause the pay cut will probably cost the city good Officers


As someone who spoke before City Council, and emailed Councilwomen Hummer & Councilman Stimatz about this additional, un-budgeted $200000 for police officer salary, I am pleased City Manager Olson and Police Chief Buffaloe are addressing and correcting. If they find the additional hours - and payroll - are needed to keep our City secure, the $$$ should be budgeted. I, for one, have no problem allocating effective additional funding for our Police officers (and, on a different topic, our teachers). However, budget overruns, especially of this magnitude, need to be avoided. Bill Hiemer

The idea that the shortfall

The idea that the shortfall snuck up on them is bogus. Each month through out the fiscal year, the city manager and department heads receive printouts of their budgets. These printouts would show what the original allocation was and how much has been spent year to date. The finance officer, city manager and the police chief knew that the police department was going to have a significant shortfall in the salary line-item well before June.

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