Police probe early-morning shooting on Cypress Street

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Elizabeth City police are seeking suspects after someone fired up to 12 gunshots at a passing car on Cypress Street earlier today.

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police probe early-morning shooting on Cypress

Hey quiet observer, Blackwell church is on the northeast corner of Road and Cypress, but look at the street post near it, if it's one of those white painted, concrete or wooden post, it says N. ROAD on one side of the post and E. CYPRESS on the other side of the post where Blackwell is located, then on the other side of the intersection, the street post says N. ROAD on one side of the post and W. CYPRESS on the other side of the post. If it's on a metal pole and the signs are green with white lettering it says the same thing on the other posts. Road Street is THE dividing line between EAST and WEST in the city.

You are correct BUT

with Road Street being the dividing line denoting the east and west halves of the town it does not make it two different streets when it crosses over Main Street!

you are correct but

quiet observer, Main Street is the dividing line between the NORTH and SOUTH halves of the town. When Road Street crosses over Main Street it becomes SOUTH ROAD Street. When a street crosses the east and west line (Road St.) or when it crosses the north and south line (Main St.) it's the same street but only DIFFERENCE is the NAME of the street. (Example- NORTH ROAD, SOUTH ROAD; EAST MAIN, WEST MAIN; EAST CYPRESS, WEST CYPRESS) Just look at the street signs or street posts around town, that's all you have to do when you go around town.

One more try!

It was avid reader who said there are two different Cypress streets, east and west. With his own argument he admits that the naming of same, on the street signs, is to let others know on which side of the dividing line they are on at any given time. But to interpret his logic, with this dividing line, that should mean there are two different cities, East EC and West EC or is it North EC and South EC? Hmmm? By the way I grew up on west Cypress back when it was a very quiet, lovely area of North West EC!

And who identified the shooter?

All that was given in the article is a dark sedan, identity of driver unknown and someone saying it was a "white" man doing the shooting. I doubt the white man part of the story!

Of course you would say that

quiet observer wrote:
All that was given in the article is a dark sedan, identity of driver unknown and someone saying it was a "white" man doing the shooting. I doubt the white man part of the story!
Yep, you are right! No white "thugs" in this town.

All I can say

is thank goodness these gentlemen being law abiding citizens sportsmen, before going behind blackwell jumped through all the hoops and crap the rest of the honest citizens have to go through to purchace a firearm. Gun control of honest citizens doesn't do a thing to stop crime like this. It just points you out as one of those EVIL GUN OWNERS.

Seems to be the norm in Elizabeth City

It seems to be the norm in Elizabeth City. Every week you hear about a shooting. The law needs to crack down on these thugs and get them off of the streets. They know who they are. Black gang bangers roaming our streets and shooting up innocent citizens. You need to carry a gun with you to drive downtown Elizabeth City. Our community has let this get out of control. All these thugs hanging out on the streets need to be harassed every time a policeman sees them riding or hanging out on a street corner. A white woman was shot at near Muddy Waters just last week as she was driving by those apartments on the other side of road street. Too bad she didnt shoot back. Arm yourselves before riding through downtown Elizabeth City because you are not safe.

Did you read the article

quote from the article. "One of the men, a white male, ran toward the vehicle and began firing gunshots, he said." While I agree something needs to be done about the problem of gangs in our city, theecview needs to at least read the articles before commenting or you lose credibility of your ecview. The article clearly says a white male, nothing said about black gang bangers. Anything beyond that is an assumption.

Did you read the article?

My comment was not just about this particular article but about all the shootings that have been going on throughout the community. Go back and read all the previous articles and see what the profile show.

police probe early-morning shooting on Cypress

Which Cypress? There are two Cypress Streets in Elizabeth City: EAST CYPRESS and WEST CYPRESS, which is it? Be specific! Do you guys need a map of Elizabeth City in your newsroom to get the street locations correct? You can buy some in stores, buy one to put in everybody's desks and one for their cars when the go out reporting to get the locations correct. And a very large one for the newsroom.


It started behind Blackwell church, which is located on the north east corner of the Road street and Cypress street intersection. The vehicle proceeded west on Cypress in order to escape. And by the way there is only one Cypress street.

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