Police release name of suicide victim 10 days after death


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Elizabeth City police have released the name of a man whose body was found more than 10 days ago in a local motel, the victim of an apparent suicide.

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The Media

The media really has no regard for the feelings of a grieving family. Tell me just what the need to know was? How did forcing the release of this man's name benefit the public? I personally think forcing your right to publish this information over respect for the family is despicable. If it were a murder or attack that would be a different story. However, to force this information to be released and published was self-serving and tacky. You have sunk to a new low Daily Advance. Thank you to ECPD Chief Eddie Buffaloe for attempting to protect the privacy of a grieving family. You showed far more class than someone who chose to sensationalize this sad event.

Very Tacky

Very Tacky Bill West. Win the battle lose the war. This is why Dare County ran TDA out of Dare. Bill you wonder why law enforcement don't want to talk to you.

Let the dead rest

Regardless of the way anyone dies, natural causes or otherwise, they and their family should be given respect. To plaster the name of a victim all over the newsprint for the sake of hype and sensationalism is just so incredibly tacky, unethical, and disrespectful. But then again, TDA has no respect or compassion for anyone, so what more can be expected from a bunch of sleaze balls. Funny how mum they are when one of their own trips up and their name can be found in public records. I guess there is some honor amongst thieves after all!

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