Police: Thieves steal jewelry, donuts from Walmart

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Elizabeth City police are searching two suspects accused of stealing more than $2,400 worth of jewelry — and a box of donuts — from the Walmart Supercenter last week.

Video footage from a store camera shows a white male and white female entering the store about 2:19 a.m. Friday, proceed to the jewelry area, remove jewelry items from the case and conceal them. Prior to leaving the store, the couple also took a box of donuts and concealed that as well, police said.

A police incident report states 66 items of jewelry, worth $2,450, are missing from the store. Also missing are four display cases worth $350 and a display cover worth $25.

The crime was discovered by store employees later Friday morning, police Lt. Mike Boone said.


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with the jewelry being stolen in addition to the donuts, this rules out any present or former law enforcement individuals as suspects. Bling is not their thing!

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