Probe cost city $10K in overtime

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City police officers racked up a whopping 375 hours of overtime, most of it questioning witnesses and following up leads, after a double homicide in the Shepard Street area New Year’s Day.

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It's apparent that when TDA runs out of significant news stories,it's reporters are allowed to drift from the "ridiculous to the sublime".The cost for completing any investigation is whatever is required,be it overtime or part-time.Did the City Manager or anyone else suggest that the cost of apprehending the alleged suspect was not worth the over-time invested?? Did the Police Department cosider it an appropriate use of available funds? Follow-up and let your readers know!

I'd Be Willing To Pay Overtime

I'd be willing to pay overtime no matter what it cost if they could get the gang / drug situation under control in EC. The city isn't that large that they can't get these problems under control and rid the city of them if we gave them the money to do it. It's a SMALL city compared to other places and ridding the city of the scurge would be well worth whatever it costs.

At the end of the probe...

Was the additional money spent wisely? Did the overtime allow them to bring additional information into the investigation? Did it allow them to remove any more of these dangerous people from walking freely on the street? Most law abiding citizens would probably feel very comfortable paying our cops more if it meant they were locking these criminals up and tossing out the keys.

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