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Public housing rent hike expected

By William F. West

The Daily Advance

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Public housing residents in Elizabeth City are expected to see their monthly rent increase by at least $101 over a three-year period as a result of federal legislation President Barack Obama signed earlier this year.

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Well I guess

Since the rent is going up my taxes will also increase to pay for additional rent. Of course you could always cut out the sat tv dishes on all the prodject units and use rabbit ears like a lot of us but some would say we are demeaning or belittling them oh and don't forget their "Rights" that is their right for my family to do without to allow them the rights for nice cars, phones etc. I wholeheartedly agree with what threecview says. Hey hand up not hand out.

Get a job!

The government hand outs need to stop for those that can get out and work. Too many members of our society have manipulated the system so they dont have to work and get freebies for life. I believe in taking care of the elderly and the mentally/physically challenged people but the ones that can work need to get off their front porches and get a job. Most of the ones living on government assistance have nice cars, nice nails and nice hair styles and dont forget their smart phones. They go to the grocery store and they get all the nice cut meats and foods and pay for it with their EBT card. I love the way they are using their blue tooth while shopping for groceries with their EBT card. It's amazing how society has let this continue to go on. These people are mooches on our society and will continue this lifestyle. They are having numerous children which will also continue this pattern. Just one piece of advice, "get off your lazy butts and get a job!".

Amen theecview!

Your comment put a stake straight thru the heart of the problem!!!!


So how's that Change working out for you now? Giggle......

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