Rebecca Cross: Daily routines should count toward your life goals

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One of the most important things you can do to improve your business or your job is to focus time on personal development and life goals. If you’re learning and growing and developing into the kind of person you want to become, your work and your life will be more fulfilling.

It can be challenging to run a business, but if you have vision and purpose, you can make that business work for you instead of against you.

Howard Partridge, Ziglar’s Exclusive Small Business Coach in “The One and Only Reason Your Business Exists” says, “The greatest business lesson I ever learned is that my business exists for one and one reason only. And your business exists for the same reason: to be a vehicle to help you achieve your LIFE goals!”

The everyday demands of a business can have a dramatic impact on your personal life. According to Partridge, the good news is that the impact can be positive! It doesn’t have to be negative. So, the first step toward a successful business is to understand why it exists — and that is to enhance your life. To be a vehicle that takes your life from where it is to where you want to go.

However, if you don’t have a clear vision for the life you want, you won’t build the right kind of business. “You must get the fact that your business works for you,” Partridge insists. “You don’t work for the business. Your business is a vehicle to help you live out your life goals. It’s the vehicle you have chosen. You design the business to facilitate your life goals.”

Once you’ve designed your business around life goals, you’ll approach your business with more purpose and direction. You’ll have a compelling reason to build it. With a compelling vision for your life, you’ll be more willing to learn what you need to learn and, more importantly, do it.

You’ll still have to work just as hard. You may have to work long and hard, especially in the beginning. But if you design your life goals first and build your business around that vision, says Partridge, you’ll avoid being a slave to your business. Your business will add to your life instead of taking away from it.

Learning what you need to learn for personal development and developing/achieving your goals can come from a variety of sources. Read good books, attend relevant workshops and seminars, listen to learning CD’s in your car, and spend time with people who have the same ambition and desire to grow as you do.

Learn to love what you do again. Or find what you love and pursue it. You can make the difference between success and failure by the small choices you make each and every day. Be consistent and do NOT give up on your dreams and goals.

If there are things you’re doing that are consuming your time, but not advancing you toward your life goals, it may be time to stop doing those things. By being the best “you” that you can be, working daily toward your goals, you’re not the only one to benefit. Your business, and/or your boss, and your family will reap the benefits of the well informed and fulfilled employee and person you’ve become.