Rebecca Cross: Getting where you are going starts with where you are

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Do you know where you want to go? Are you clear about where you want to go in life and in business? And, more important, do you really know where you are now?

Have you ever used a GPS (Global Positioning System)? The first thing a GPS does is determine where you are. Howard Partridge, Ziglar’s Exclusive Small Business Coach, has put together a “GPS” — Goals, Plans, Systems — to help you know where you are in your business and where you want to go.

G is for Goals. Without clearly defined goals, you’ll never know where you’re going, or if and when you get there. You must have clearly defined life goals and business goals. They must be written down. They must be yours. They must be meaningful to you. They must be specific and measurable.

P is for Plans. You need a map. Would you try to go somewhere you’ve never been without a map? A simple business plan that includes your business goals, mission, a 12-month budget, and marketing plan, sounds like a lot, but it can be really simple. It’s vital that you create a really good map and follow it closely.

S is for Systems. You must choose what vehicles you will use on this amazing and exceedingly important journey. Your business is a vehicle; and like any vehicle, it has a number of systems that work together to operate it. A bicycle has the wheel system, the gears, the frame, the braking and steering systems, all working together as one. An automobile has a number of systems such as the combustion system, the drivetrain system, and the steering system that work together.

You should consider five systems of a phenomenally successful business to make up the vehicle you can use to get to where you want to go. They’re also the systems that will help you stay there. These five systems from Ziglar’s book “Born to Win” are:

1. Marketing — Everything you do to attract prospects to your business. Advertising, special events and even the appearance of your businesses’ façade are all important marketing tools.

2. Sales — Everything you do to convert prospects into paying customers. Make sure you and your staff really know your products and are eager to talk to your prospects about the benefits of them. What makes your products/business unique?

3. Operations — Everything you do to serve your clients. Why should a client want to return? Building relationships is key as well as having guidelines for handling problems. “The customer is always right.”

4. Administration — Everything you do to track your numbers and the internal office systems to run the business. Take time to be accurate. Stay informed. Work with trustworthy people.

5. Leadership — Everything you do to lead and guide your business. Are you reading books, attending seminars and doing what you can to be the best leader you can be? Self-development can be a very important part of your success.

So, set your Goals. Develop your Plan. And build Systems in your business. Once you know where you are and where you want to go — you will know how to get there!