Report: ECSU gets low marks in efficiency

By Corinne Saunders

The Daily Advance

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Elizabeth City State University is one of four campuses of the University of North Carolina System getting low marks for operational efficiency, according to a new study by a state legislative commission.

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What is ECSU's plan of action?

Just the tip of the iceberg, ECSU excels at feeble attempts to justify ineptitude and nonperformance. Classes cancelled at whim. New professionals moving to this area with no previous ties learn quickly about the abysmal reputation for education that ECSU has developed in recent years. Who in the world picks staff to recruit and represent the university at COA and for expensive recruiting junkets for no credible purpose? A select few are having a blast self-aggrandizing with salaries that would make Bernie Maddoff blush while having declining return on investment. How many jobs can you have no demonstrable results to show productivity and be exempt to accountability for state working hours/supervision? COA staff and faculty are paid a pittance and subject to intense accountability in comparison. COA must do MORE for students with LESS funding. Well, that is an excellent question related to operational efficiency for Dr. Khan. These staffers have been under his nose for a decade or more but cuts of personnel overlook the obvious. Surprised some of the downsized staffers didn't holler loudly when they were cut and some of the more recognizable excesses plunder on.

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